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    Favortie Batman Film

    the tiltle pretty much explains it all,there are many great batman films and i was wondering what are yalls favorite,for me it would have to be Dark Knight and i cant wait for the next one!
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    Where do you buy your games from?

    the title pretty much sums it up,so far i have been buying my games from gamestop,but the nearest gamestop is a decent amount of way off and i have been looking for somewhere else to buy my games from so i thought i would ask the other forum users,where do you buy your games from?
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    MLB 09 The Show Hidden Trophy

    I am getting close to the platnium for this game but one of the trophies i dont have is the hidden trophy and i was wondering if anybody can tell me what it is....will give rep to however can tell me the answer
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    Top 5 Horror Films of the decade

    Lately I have been watching a good bit of old horror films and I started comparing them to recent horror films and It made me think...They really dont make horror films like they used too...I was wondering what everybody thinks that the top 5 horror films of this decade are?
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    Games coming out in July

    As July is coming just around the corner I started thinking about what all games will be coming out this month and there were a couple that I knew i would for sure buy and I was wondering what all everybody will be getting in July
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    Need For Speed Undercover

    So Ive been wanting a good racing game with trophies on it for quite some time now and while i was in my local gamestop today i noticed that Need For Speed Undercover was on sale used so i decided to pick it up...I havent got to play it a whole lot yet but it seems like a pretty good game...I...
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    Texas Vs. LSU

    Im watching the Texas Vs. LSU game right now and its tied at 4 in the bottom of the 5th...who do you want to win this game and who do you think will win this game...personally i am a huge Texas fan and i would love for them to win this game but LSU is a really good team...its been a great game...
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    Remaking old horror films

    Im not sure if there is already a thread over this and if there is im sorry please just ignore it but the other day i was watching all the old halloween movies when later on that day the new one came on....i watched it and it was pretty good but not as good as the old one's in my opinion...same...
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    How big is your tv you play on?

    personally i like kind of a smaller screen so i play on my 23 inch HD tv it's an off brand(sansui) and although i had never heard of it it's still a pretty good tv with a decent big is your tv you play on?
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    heck yeah!

    ok so once again Millwood is on the mound for the rangers so we should win right? well Millwood goes 8 innings and lets up 4 runs and luckily in the bottom of the 8th the rangers score and take the lead and Millwood picks up the win with fransisco getting the save...we were down 3-1 at one point...
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    once again...

    once again the rangers start out a game down 0-4 and i know what your thinking...looks like we lost again well once again rangers prove everybody wrong and make a great comeback and win the game and sweep baltimore in baltimore rangers are llooking better than ever!
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    Semi Pro/Pineapple Express

    so there are two movies i have been wanting to see for a while but never went and saw them because my friends said they were really stupid and that's semi pro and pineapple express....I got tired of not knowing so i checked it out for myself and they are two of my favorite movies ever...will...
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    the rangers just pulled off the most amazing come from behind victory ever... down in the 9th by one with two outs and a full count kinsler takes it to left field for a single....Michael Young gets in same situaiton and goes YACK and the rangers win taking the 1st game of the series in baltimore...
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    win streak snapped!

    so the day after i brag abt the rangers and how good we are we lose...just my luck lol but im not dissapointed....we are IN toronto who is playing just as good or better than anybody in the AL so i don't think its that bad...especially considering we took into the 11th inning....Matt Harrison...
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    ok so ive been in love with batman since i was little.... the movies and the tv series i was in love with and ive been very excited abt the new game batman:AA but i have some very important questions because i have been able to find nothing abt this game and i will rep if you can answer my...
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    Texas Rangers

    ok so im a die hard ranger fan and have been forever... ive had season tickets forever and i finally think this year is the year so all season long i will be posting very regularly and im hoping Ranger fans will reply to this and non ranger fans please tell me what you think abt your team and...
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    ok so i have been interested in the new GH:M but i never did any research on it and i was wondering if you can do everything like sing/bass/guitar/and drums or just guitar??if you can answer i will rep you:p