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    Stupid info for Dragon Age DLC spoiled it for me.

    Whos awesome idea was it to put a huge spoiler in the info for Return to Ostragar? Thanks PSN!
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    If youre 21+ and live in southern california...

    Retro gaming party at a brewhouse, could be really cool or completely blow. I just really hope that guy isnt there.
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    Any tips for hail dents?

    My car has a bunch(approx six or seven) of small impact dents, or hail dents above the back left wheel well. Apparently its from the previous owners ex-husband who was psycho and hit it with his door. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting these out through any of the DIY's...
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    Old Indian guy sings Enter Sandman

    haaaaaaaaaaa YouTube - Metallica - Enter Sandman - Cover by DoctorK edit: this ones awesome too YouTube - Avril Lavigne - Skater boy - Cover by DoctorK
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    Just picked me up a 2000 Civic SI

    Just counting down the days until it's stolen. No pics of it but here is one that is pretty similar Any hondamen (or women) on here?
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    Get ready for the cutest thing you have ever seen.

    I warned you. YouTube - ☆フレンãƒãƒ–ルドッグ「ãƒãƒ£ã‚¤ã€èµ·ã上ãŒã‚ªã„xxx☆
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    Power Pyramid Giveaway

    Wasn't there supposed to be a power pyramid giveaway? I never found the winners, and the entries were supposed to be done on the 25th. Am I completely off here or what?
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    Road Rage Iphone App

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    Well theres goes my ps3 headset

    sweet guys I dropped my ****ING OFFICIAL HEADSET INTO MY CATS ****ING WATERDISH
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    The Torture Room...

    YouTube - Cat in a bath... "The Torture Room" So sad...
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    Auto-tune the News

    PURE GENIOUS i should whitetext this so people dont think im stupid YouTube - Sarah Palin Quits! Auto-Tune the News #6
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    Team pwn.age looking for some players! (1943)

    A good friend and I made a team for BF:1943 on GB so we can own everybody. I want some of you to join us to help in our fight to the top of the ladderboards. We play a lot but we won't really make scheduled practices, our main focus is just on the matches. I know that videogames aren't the most...
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    French Soldier Invades Normandy 60 Years too Late...

    French Soldier Invades Normandy Beach 60 Years Too Late [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@817865 hahahaha
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    Getting my first bike soon!

    I'll be picking up my very first streetbike soon, I'm extremely excited. :D:D I am getting a Honda CBR 600rr very similar to this one, most likely an 02-04 model as I'm not made of money. Anybody else ride? I'd love to see some member's bikes. ps. I think this forum should have an Auto...
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    Living with First Person Shooter Syndrome(FPSS)

    :lol::lol: YouTube - Living with First-Person Shooter Disease
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    Need help please!

    I need 2 people to help me beat a game of Team Car Jack City and Team Mafiya work for the trophy. GTA 4. Add my psn : zodg1lla. Thanks :) will rep anybody who helps.
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    Raw Video of Pirate Assault on the Liberty Sun Thought this was pretty nuts. Language warning.
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    Nasa to Bomb Moon I NEED to see this.
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    Mouseover Descriptions for Flags

    A really small suggestion but I think it would be neat to be able to mouseover someone's flag in their location space, and it would tell you what flag that is. I would hope i'm not the only person who hasn't memorized all the flags, and from time to time I see some interesting ones. That is...
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    Hardcore Pornday for 5 Elementary School Classes

    Ah man I miss hardcorepornday...