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    Sold PS3 need to clear hard drive

    I sold my PS3 since I'm moving to Hawaii and not taking much with me besides clothes. I need to know how to clear everything off of it. All my files and PSN ID need to be removed. I know how to delete files pretty much but how do I go about taking my ID off there so the new owner can't access...
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    Need help from the HD experts regarding this TV

    I value the opinions and knowledge of the users on this forum especially when it comes to HD tech as I know little about it. That being said, I'm looking to get a TV for my bedroom and I found this TV at a local electronics store for $800.00 and just wanted to know what everyone thinks about it...
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    Why MGS4 and MGO are completely unrelated games...

    Here's an article from 1up on the upcoming Metal Gear games...
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    Does anyone have personal experience with Gamefly?

    I did a search for Gamefly but I didn't find anything productive. I have Netflix which I love so I figured I would look into Gamefly. Seems like they are very similar and I'm considering doing the $15.95 one rental per time offer. I would like to hear any comments on the service good and bad...
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    Hilarious Wii Fit parody

    I still think the Fit is a good idea only because of what it may hold for the future of gaming. Reminds me on a smaller scale of the pad that you rolled out on the floor for the original NES. But this is pretty funny. Enjoy.
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    So I download Super Rub'a'Dub...

    Just to check out how it uses the six axis and I figured my gf would enjoy it...So, I go open it after it's finished and I get this... "An error occurred during the start operation. (80010006)" WTF??? :confused: I turned the system off and then back on and received the same message. Any...
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    GTAIV Designer says they are limited by the HDD-less 360

    http://;title;1 I had a feeling something like this would happen
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    What classic games from any past console would you like for the PSN Store?

    I think the majority of us we're pretty excited to have MKII make it to the PSN Store. It shows that Sony is making a concerted effort to bring us some classic titles. So on the heels of that success I thought it would be great to start a thread to see what other games we would like to see make...
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    Best place to buy a new HDTV?

    Just curious to know if any of you guys have some suggestions on where to begin a search for an HDTV. I've some what fallen out of the electronics loop in the past few years so all I know is I need to get a TV capable of 1080p resolution to fully enjoy my PS3/Blu-ray experience. I suppose I'm...
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    Kojima says MGS4 more about Situation rather than Location.

    I did a quick search for this and it seems like no one has posted it yet. It's an article with Kojima down in Australia discussing Metal Gear Solid 4. Some good info on a game I know most of us are all waiting for. Something interesting is he hints at using the CPU's power for introducing...
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    Do you believe in God?

    Hey guys. I think the Do you Believe in Evolution thread was great but may have been too focused on one particular subject in a grander scheme. We we're all dancing around the question of the existence of God based solely upon evolution. So I figured we could expand away from Creationism v...
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    Entourage Season 3 Part two starts this Sunday! Come on I know your excited!!!

    This forum is full of guys and this is, according to my girlfriend, the guys Sex and the City. So where are all the Entourage groupies. I love this show and cannot wait!!! Any thoughts on what might happen this season???
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    For those of you involved in Home Beta testing what are your thoughts?

    I would like to know what you guys think so far if you can share anything at all. I'm not to sure if your allowed to divulge anything legally, frankly I'm not familiar with the terms of beta testing in general. Just curious to know anything interesting and overall opinions so far.
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    If the trailer you saw today wasn't called GTA:IV what would you really think???

    I have to ask this question. We all have mixed opinions and clearly we don't have enough details to judge yet. But going on what we've seen, gauge your interest of the game. Basically what I'm saying is separate yourself from the GTA heritage and the hype etc. If the trailer we all saw today...
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    Entourage Season 3 Part II

    Is anyone else excited for the second half of Season 3 of Entourage on April 8th? I can't wait this show is probably the best on TV right now IMO. I didn't get into the series until right before the third season began. I watched the entire first and second seasons on DVD in less than a week...
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    Will Syphon Filter make it to PS3?

    Does anyone know anything about whats going on with this series? I searched the net but couldn't find a thing. I really enjoyed this series and would love to see Sony release a great version for the PS3. I think their foolish if they don't. I used to believe they had a chance to create a...