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    Inverted or Normal ? your way

    For some reason I started playing HALO on xbox with inverted Y Axis and Iam still playing the inverted in all games.. how do you play First person shooters games ? Inverted Y Axis Normal Y Axis
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    Friend list gose beyond !!

    I have noticed that after the update you can actually have more than 100 friends ! But anyone knows what is the list this time ? 200?
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    I just registed my PS3 ID with US server !

    It's confirmed that the US server (and also Canada,Taiwan, HK servers) has been opened for registraion throght the PS3. I finished choosing a nick name (Emirates) while my earlier one with Japan server was (UAE). It asked me as will if i want to add my billing information which i skipped it...
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    Quick-- about Jap. PS3

    I'am planning on buying Jap. PS3, but will the US Blu-ray movies will work on the Jap PS3 ??
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    Gears of War has been released!

    I have discovered that GOW has been released long time back !! check this links*iAs%05&compareTo=BOOMaRANG69 this is only one example! how come they got it? maybe they are from the xbox team .