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  1. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    Reads like a misterxmedia alt account if im being honest. You can see from a few posts down this guy has no idea what he's talking about. @_rogame is a more reputable source. Among other things, he's been releasing data about AMD's upcoming APU line for quite a while, and broke down the PS5/SX...
  2. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    That's pretty much what i posted. To be quite blunt, those numbers are kinda terrible. On a tech sheet, the SX (in particular) reads well against a 2080. But the values quoted for ML are a mere ~33% of that cards dedicated hardware (this of course ignores how the thing is implemented). They...
  3. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    That stuff is a bit questionable on the AMD side, and subsequently for both consoles. AMD run two product lines; RDNA and CDNA. The CDNA line falls more in line with what nvidia offer for DLSS, and ML (tho still isn't a 1:1 map). On RDNA the GPU is using a fallback within the graphics API - so...
  4. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    In fairness, they themselves aren't really pushing boundaries tho, since the relevant specs weren't drafted by them - These being the theoretical limits of the AMD design, the HDMI spec, and the relevant screen specifications. The base Xbox can currently do 4K per the AMD design with no...
  5. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    If you have the hardware, you'll most definitely notice it! What few games do end up running at 120 will probably spoil you rotten. But for most people, this is probably not gunna be the case for the aforementioned reason that most TV sets (for an average family for example) will tap out at...
  6. Fijiandoce

    343 Industries responds to everything about Halo Infinite gameplay

    That 120fps is probably a play at PC gamers, or current console gamers who've grown up and are considering buying/building their first PC. MS has been pushing that pretty hard, but as best as i can tell there are basically no 120fps TV's out that make any rational sense purchasing. For the...
  7. Fijiandoce

    Gabe Newell: I prefer Xbox Series X over PS5

    I think he's still bitter about the cellBE :p *disclaimer because internet* This is tongue in cheek To actually reference the video tho; Down this end of the world, the playstation is more synonymous within pop-culture than the xbox, which is why the presenters have the reaction they have...
  8. Fijiandoce

    Which games IPs would you want to see again on PS5

    Grandia 1 remake, please thank you.
  9. Fijiandoce

    Halo on PlayStation - #MadeInDreams

    Dreams is an amazing piece of software. It's like a little game engine, but without all the scary flowcharts, panels, and code. People who make these things are amazing. I remember trying my hand at LBP way back when and as it turns out, i am not a creative cookie lol.
  10. Fijiandoce

    Xbox Games Showcase Thread (July 23rd)

    I believe i said as much a few months ago, but 4K60 is a ludicrous render target - particularly for a console (an APU to boot). Kudo's to the Halo devs for setting it as their render target, nothing wrong with that. However, gamers can be a bit dim, and i feel that's where a lot of this "issue"...
  11. Fijiandoce

    Crysis Remastered on Switch - Digital Foundry Tech Review

    A little disappointing that this isn't a bigger conversion, however, i think it's kinda telling that the OG was a game of it's time; A title that brute forced a lot of its systems. This shows in the fact that when the systems are properly designed, you can get crysis to run on even the switch...
  12. Fijiandoce

    Xbox Games Showcase Thread (July 23rd)

    Thought theirs was a little bit worse than the sony event truth be told. If they got some actual stalker gameplay in there both would probs have been about the same (Stalker is the hotdiggity, if you can get it on PC give it a go!). In general they showed the same kinda stuff tho; A few big...
  13. Fijiandoce

    Microsoft Interested on Acquiring Warner Games Division

    I'd wager every publisher is interested in this one. Warner have been doing garbage as of late.
  14. Fijiandoce

    What late gen PS4 games do you expect/want to see on PS5?

    Banking on TLOU having something on PS5. Would like to play it now, but don't really have any time. So years end it is lol. CDPR confirmed a while ago that cyberpunk would use RTX, so i think its a given that they'll ship on next-gen as well and ship with raytracing.
  15. Fijiandoce

    Has the PS5 price just been leaked

    Digital seems nicely priced. Disk one is overpriced imho - could be being used to subsidise some of the cost(loss) of digital one. Seen some outlets make note of the size of the ssd. Not too fussed about the size of the ssd personally. Fiber in our part of the world is coming up on 'done' in a...
  16. Fijiandoce

    Phil Spencer feels Series X has launch game advantage over PS5 (shock! horror!)

    From a technical perspective, i think that's a given. The SX boasts the higher specs, so by extension, it should boast higher 'numbers', tho this is probs mostly going to be seen as resolution increases. As for what titles they bring, there is unlikely to be many (if any) third party exclusives...
  17. Fijiandoce

    PS5 design thoughts

    I'm not fussed with the design tbh. I would like an all black variant tho. That being said, i preferred the Xbox one marketing and aesthetics, so that carries forward here. Hopefully the hefty size of the thing is accounted for with some decent cooling at least. Pro be like a jet engine at times.
  18. Fijiandoce

    Watch and rate the Full PS5 reveal event

    A black version of the console would be sweet. White version is probably gunna be Vegemite. But otherwise, looks ok. Rocking some massive vents, hopefully its got a fan to actually make use of it. Otherwise, those vents are just gunna act as one giant echo chamber... The ratchet and clank one...
  19. Fijiandoce

    Upcoming PS5 games reveal

    Event postponed: IMHO, they kinda need to show something that justifies the console. Between the two of them, Sony have gone the more 'bespoke' on design so need to show something that can't easily be done on a PC or rival platforms. Otherwise, they're down on power with nothing to show for...
  20. Fijiandoce

    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    Sad thing is, i think everyone knows where this goes, as it always does. When presented with any sort of evidence on the contrary, we end up in this dumb round about spiral, where, at every turn, we get sly jabs in some odd attempt to bait some sort of confrontation, or derail any discussion...