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    Hurricane Isaac

    Anyone other then myself going to be affected by it?
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    Latest BF3 Trailer
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    Next Medal of Honor being made
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    Gamers fight back against robbers

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    Iceland celebration

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    Official PS+ Thread

    Fixed the quotes for you. ~ Lethalmind
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    KZ3 Sig/Avy

    I'm going to become a Sub in a few days when it gets put back up so I was wondering if anyone could make me a KZ3 sig and avy with some nice effects, maybe some orange sprinkled around or something, you could put my name on it and make it the Sub size please, +rep to all entries, thanks.
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    Hey guys I just can't find how to pay to become a subscriber for the life of me lol. Coul someone please show me where to go to become a subscriber? Thanks and +rep.
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    CoD:Black Ops dedicated servers confirmed

    Source: Not sure if already was posted or not. So does this mean consoles get dedicated servers too?
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    Red Dead Redemption Official Launch Trailer

    YouTube- Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer [ Trailer #3] New official launch trailer! Looks amazing.
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    Homer Simpson Sig and Avatar

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you could make me a sig with Homer Simpson something just like this: But you could put my name on it (Royals26). I'm not picky and any and all entries are greatly appreciated, I will +rep anyone who submits something! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. And...
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    Potential IED in Times Square Wow that is scary.
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    So who's pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption?

    This game is going to be great and there are tons of pre-order bonuses: I suggest you pre-order it if you are planning on buying the game so you can get the rewards for it. I ordered mine from amazon to get the golden guns, apparently...
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    Headset questions

    Hey guys i am going to buy a PS3 gaming headset, (the headphones and the mic) and i was just wondering which is better, the turtlebeach p21 or the tritton ax 720? I will mainly be using it for cod: mw2 and i would like to be able to hear enemy footsteps etc, so which would be better for my...
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    PSP Go or iPod Touch?

    Hey everyone i really want to get a PSP Go because it just looks amazing but i also really like the iPod Touch and im not sure which one to get. Could anyone help me out with deciding between the two? Thanks!
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    Questions about the Go

    Hey guys i am thinking about buying a psp go but i have some questions. Firstly can anyone provide me with a list of games that are currently out for it? I googled it but i couldn't find a list lol. And secondly you can play online with other people like on the other side of the world or...
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    PS3 Headset Help

    Hey guys i was thinking about buying this headset, could you tell me if it would work on the PS3 and would I be able to hear footsteps and pretty much all the sounds around me in either socom or cod4? And do all USB headsets work with the PS3...
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    New Harddrive?

    Hey guys i want to upgrade my 80gb ps3 to a 500gb hdd... do you think this is a good hdd for it? And can anyone give me a GOOD youtube video guide on how to change my hdd out? Any tips or help on the product are welcome. Thanks...
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    MGO tips

    hey im sort of a noob at MGS4 and i would like to know how you get someone in a headlock and make them go to sleep and other cool things you can do... thanks!
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    hi i am buying warhawk on sunday and i was wondering about the new "packs" or whatever they are called... like do you have to have them to play the game? And also what is the benefit of having them??? Thanks!!!And also this is the one i am getting...