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    Is my PS3 on the brink?

    I was playing MLB 10 and everything started fine. After about 10 minutes or so, the faces and bodies of the players and umps turned blue and yellow. The game would also hiccup when it hasn't before. I thought it might be a bad load, so I restarted and played for about 3 minutes this time and the...
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    NFS Shift 39.99 at Best Buy?

    This game has only been out for 12 days and I just saw an ad for it at BB for 39.99. I've seen mixed reviews from players and have been on the fence about buying. Seems to me sales might be down to precipitate such a quick price reductions......opinions?
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    Madden 10 issue/question

    I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this one. I've played 7 games online against the bro in law and all 7 times when the clock reaches approximately 58 secs - give or take a few secs, the game will freeze and a message will pop up and say connection with peer has been lost, or...
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    Question about Samsung LN52a650

    Hey guys, just ordered a Samsung LN52a650 and I'm downright giddy.....yea, I said what. Now onto the question. I'd been reading reviews about this set for 3 plus months and finally took the plunge. However, the subject of calibration was never brought up in any review I read...
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    Anybody still playing RSV2 online?

    I know it seems like I just walked out of a time machine with these questions, but I want to play something different. First, does anyone still play RSV2 online? Secondly.....what's a decent price for it at this point? I've seen in at local chain stores for $39. Opinions please. Looking to...
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    G25....Besides GT5P, What else?

    Hey guys.....Took a leap and upgraded to the G25 from the DFP and am downright giddy about it....yeah, I said giddy. Anyway, I'm curious to know if there are any other PS3 games that fully support the G25 (clutch in particular). There isn't much doubt that when GT5P is released here in the...
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    Interesting Gamestop GT5P Moment

    If you came into this thread looking for some Gamestop bashing then "move on, nothing to see here." If you just want to read a quick story about a sorta funny on my friend. I went into my local Gamestop today to preorder a couple of copies of GT5P for my neighbor and I...
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    Still feeling good about my 20GB purchase

    When I bought my PS3 20GB in December 2006, I'd heard all of the stories about how this version is basically the "red headded step child" of the PS3 memory card slots, no know that stuff. I have to tell you that I've read lots (not really lots, but more than a...
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    PS3 for everyone?? I say yes!!!

    My 59 year old father in law and 55 year old mother in law came over last night. We decided to play some High Velocity Bowling. They both thought it was awesome. I got a call from my father in law about 10 minutes ago asking "would you be able to share that bowling game with us?" I told him...
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    Prestige Mode in COD4 or not?

    So I'm currently sitting at level 55 in COD4 and upon getting about 2000 or so XP, I will be at Prestige Mode. I know what it does in terms of losing your weapons and getting a new shiny medal next to your name. Other than that is there any other benefit? Also, if this has been posted, I...
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    Remastered Full Metal Jacket

    Got the New and Improved Version of Full Metal Jacket......Very impressed with what they were able to do with a 20+ year old movie. I compared it to my DVD copy and the difference is very dramatic. As an aside....Stanley Kubrick was a genius. :-D Also got Black Hawk Down and Ratatouille.
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    F1 CE FFB Update.....

    I'm stuck at work for at least the next 5 hours and need a bit of help guys. If any of you determines that the US FFB patch that was set to release today has actually been released; please post the info. Thanks in advance. I also realize that the majority here don't follow F1 or care much for...
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    Best Blu Ray movie (visual)

    My apologies if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find it in the search. I'm looking for the best blu ray movie from a visual standpoint. I prefer action movies, but that's not entirely important. Thanks in advance.
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    Will Infinity Ward's effort on COD4 force other devs to step up???

    I think it's safe to say that there is little opposition to the idea that Infinity Ward has raised the bar for developing games for the PS3. That being said, do you guys think other devs will see the results in terms of reviews, sales, and happy PS3 owners and follow suit or are we stuck with...
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    COD4 Create A Class Custom Name Problem

    Mods, please delete....sorry for the double post
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    COD4 Create A Class Custom Name Problem

    Mods please delete. I have no idea how this got here three times.
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    COD4 Create A Class Custom Name Problem

    I've given custom names to all five setups for weapon and perks twice in the Create A Class section. Both times after quitting the game, when I turned it back on again, all of the names I gave the classes are blank. I press the circle button as directed to save the setup, but didn't seem to...