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    Emblems & Nameplates

    I thought that since we are unable to preview what the actual name plates for the emblems look like, maybe we could get a picture thread going. This way we can see what some of them look like before shelling out the glimmer for them. Plus we can see what others can be found in the world one way...
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    Sony need to fix this

    Haven't touched my PS3 since I picked up my PS4 on launch day. Logged into my PS3 today and was bombarded by a few friends on my friends list asking me where I've been the past couple of weeks.... o_O Turns out that when your logged in on the PS4, users on PS3 see you as offline still....
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    Anyone having audio issues? I got no sound to my TV. If I plug headphones into my controller I can get audio but not to my TV. WTF? Nvm... Well, got the audio sorted. Turns out my TV has a shoddy HDMI port. XD
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    Careful what you search for...
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    Petitions to reinstate XB1 DRM policies o_O? Im really surprised...
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    Merry F-in Xmas......

    Hope everyone had a great holiday. Me? I was robbed xmas eve. 2 hdtvs, 2 PS3s, a 360, bluray player, 2 google tvs, 2 laptops, 1 desktop, about 10 360 games, 40 PS3 games, 50 bluray movies, My Asus Transformer, my AKG n Grado headphones, and all our xmas gifts and still counting.... YAY MERRY...
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    LotR: War in the North

    God I cant wait for this game. Been waiting for snowblind to make another game since Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms New videos were put up yesterday. Surprised I didn't see it posted anywhere. o_O?
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    Portal 2 $39.99 @ Gamestop 4/30!!!

    I was surprised to see this in my email a little while ago. The game only came out what? A week ago? $39.99 for PS3/360 and $29.99 for PC PS3 easily the best deal since doesn't it come with a dl code for Steam? Well, for those interested in it and have yet to pick it up. Nows your chance.
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    Trade ANY DVD for a new WB Bluray (adult dvds xcluded guys =P)

    Wasn't sure where to put this at first. What happened to the Bluray or Home Theatre Section?? lmao I know I'm not on nearly as much as I used to but damn. Last I remember only the Linux section was removed. lol Literally just noticed this when rereading through my Home Theater Mag. 4.95/6.95...
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    Motorstorm Apoc. demo code. See inside

    I got a voucher code for "1 week exclusive access" (so the GS email says) to download the Motorztorm Apoc demo and to be honest, it doesn't interest me much. My loss, your gain. Demo available tomorrow the 15 I will give the code to the first person who posts a picture of both copies of the...
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    Killzone 3: Socom 4 Beta Vouchers.

    I'm curious if anyone plans on picking up Killzone 3 that has no interest in the Socom 4 Beta? I don't like FPS games as some of you may know mainly because they give me motion sickness a short while after playing, so I will not be purchasing KZ3. TPS do not cause this issue ( they're...
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    This made me smile :)

    If this was posted already, please remove. I didnt see it.
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    Nvm, found it posted elsewhere. Sorry. Mods, please delete.
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    Please explain to me the point of

    having the Demo for Planet Minigolf in New Releases sub-category "New Playstation Move Releases" when you can't even use the PS-Move on the stupid demo? WTF SONY!!!! :cuss2
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    Latest 2K11 Trailer.
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    Activate Tapatalk for the forum?

    I actually just made this suggestion in the topic "have the mods vanished for good" and realized it's not a half bad idea. =P It's a free plug-in. Couldn't hurt right? Any thoughts on the idea?
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    June 19th. T-Mo: All phones Free with a new family plan. 1 day ONLY!!

    Not for me thank you but thought maybe usefull to someone here. ;)
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    ASUS ep101tc and ep121, FINALLY!!!

    Been waiting for ASUS to finally show these off since their announcment back before Apple began hinting at theirs. It's about freaking time. Well, Heeeeere we GO!!!! Love how the one docking station turns it into a fully functional laptop and the other a desktop pc. Actual visible screen space...
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    1.2Ghz duo core Snapdragon anyone?

    title says it all. I want me one. Come on hTC, Get to work.
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    Got an AT&T upgrade available? Use it now while it's still worth anything.

    I know, I been away awhile. Site looks.. Different...;) anyways......... AT&T removing unlimited data plan option for new contracts as of June 7th. The day of the expected iPhone 4 unveiling. Gone will be the $30 unlimited plan in favor of a 2 tier data plan. (iPads ordered before June 7th but...