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    Please make the video in the bottom right corner go away

    Who thinks this is a good idea? Shows up on desktop and mobile. I was able to adblock it but still its very annoying. It loads on ever ******* page. This site is slowly dying and that super annoying autplay video is not helping.
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    Just bought a used PSVR

    I have been tossing it back and forth since it came out. I found a good deal on Craigslist and jumped on it. I am blown away how awesome it is. This is my first experience with VR and it's truly awesome. I got the VR, camera, two move controllers, all cables, vr worlds, the game that comes with...
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    Just Cause 3 (more info coming soon) I would love another game, and since the last one was on ps3, chances are it will be on ps4. Just cause 2 did have some issues, but it was a ton of fun.
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    More cheats released. Super jump, invincibility, all weapons etc... Invincibility only lasts for 5 minutes but you can enter as much as you want. To enter the cheat easier press start, enter cheat, then press start immediately after. That will help if your timer is running out with a 4-5 star wanted level.
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    Starhawk 1.04 drops September 25th 2012 Free maps and a lot of changes. Gotta love that! It's Here - The 1.04 Update!Thursday, September 20, 2012 At 11:51AM The wait is finally over! On September 25th the Starhawk 1.04 Update will be available for download! 1.04 is a huge update with...
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    Starhawk beta codes going out now via Facebook! I just got mine. They are dropping 5 codes per region at a time. It seems like everybody says to start off at the 2nd or 3rd code. I went for number 1 and got it. Have your ps3 on and on the screen where you redeem codes. Bring your ipad or phone and keep...
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    Uncharted Beta Code

    97QM-N5N3-9NR3 Got an email from Subway with this code. Not sure why since I don't eat that crap.
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    Code for Ps Move Heroes

    First person to post who has a ps move I will send the code to via pm. The only thing I ask is I get to name your first born child :lol:
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    Anyone gets codes from Amazon yet?

    They were supposed to be emailed in 48 hours but I havent seen them yet. This is for the non helghast edition since those codes were included inside the helmet.
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    Playstation move heroes demo

    Did anyone else get it? They emailed me a code but i'm not sure if I will ever play it. I'm thinking about giving it out.
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    Bought Dead Space 2 early at Meijer

    In case anyone is interested the Meijer by my house had Dead Space 2 in and sold it to me early. It was the Meijer in Metro Detroit at Hall road and Hayes. They have one PS3 copy left as of 1:00pm.
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    Is there a way to mute everyone?

    I have two nephews coming over to play cod black ops this weekend. One is 7 and the other is 12 and I really don't want them to hear other people talking and swearing. Is there an option to mute everyone so it doesn't have to be done every game? I tried using the voice volume but it didnt mute...
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    Who else got the Killzone 3 beta?

    I'm not sure how I got mine. I am a plus subscriber but I did not download the the theme from the store. I was in the kz2 beta so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyone else get it and are the servers live now? I will download a little later today.
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    Is the US getting a white Ps3 soon?

    Has anyone heard? I want to get a ps3 for my upstairs tv, but I would wait for the white one if it were to be released this year. I'm not really interested in the blue gt5 one. Also not interested in buying a ps3 from colorwarepc either.
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    Post here if you find the move early

    From what I read there isnt an official street date. If you find the move at a store please post here which store and a location. If Best Buy gets them in, chances are most stores will as well.
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    Question about ps3 move and eye camera

    Does the camera need to be in the center of the screen? In my home theater my ps3 is about 10-12 ft from the center of my screen so the cord wont reach. My ps3 is on a shelf on the side of the room about 4 ft in the air. So the cord would need to go to the ground about 6-7 feet to the center of...
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    I just started playing RFOM MP again

    In the last year I bought mw2, gow3, rdr, just cause 2 and a couple others. Mw2 was boring after a month. I played gow3 once and havent touched it since. Rdr was boring after two weeks. Just cause 2 is a pretty good game, but I stopped playing because I loaded the wrong save and then saved over...
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    Wheres the sniper rifle in rdr online?

    Couple questions about online. Is it possible to make a custom game with only certain weapons and have people join? Also where is the sniper rifle in this game? I havent unlocked hardcore mode yet (I think thats what it's called), but I have been playing the gang matches and the other ones...
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    Free modnation code

    HF7R-LTB9-MJQP This is for the psp theme.