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    CoD Advanced Warfare: Zombies. Wallets at the ready

    Get ready guys your wallets gonna get it. So there are zombies but have to pay crazy money to have it?? What a rip-off could be over £100, If people want to pay extra for maps and weapons fair enough...
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    Sky Go on PS4? Summers nearly over....

    Any idea's when this will be available? The now TV app is up and running in the PS Store but no sign of a Sky Go app?
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    EA Sports, FIFA 14 and a boat load of issues

    My god this game, my lasting memory of this game is that it could have been brilliant, COULD have been. The trouble is there really isnt much alternative to FIFA unless you try PES but this game is so broken i dont know where to start. A Company like EA should be ashamed and embarrassed. Iv...
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    Quick nba 2k14 question

    Do you need a pass key to play online. Thinking of buying this on eBay but if I have to pay to get a key code for online I might not bother? Thanks in advance Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
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    Create new psn I'd?

    Will we need to create a new one or can our old ps3 psn id's carry over with all our trophies and friend lists etc? Sorry if this has been brought up before I did a quick search but couldn't find and info. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
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    What is Playstation Plus?

    Can someone that has Playstation Plus tell me exactly what its all about? I get that you have discounts on things in the store and are invited to Beta's but what about this Cloud saving stuff? Basically im thinking about buys a 2nd ps3 one to have at Home and one to have in my room where i...
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    Steve Bull Sig Request

    Well as my PS3 is currently broken im fairly board so im just reading the forums and watching videos. But i was wondering if any one could make me a Steve Bull Sig incorporating these images. and...
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    PS3 stopped reading discs :-(

    My 60gb PS3 stopped reading discs today i cant complain to much as it has had a good innings but still pissed off. I was in the middle of FIFA 10 and it crashed so i thought nothing of it quit the game and turned it off. but when i turned it back on the disc wouldnt start up in the menu bar or...
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    What do you do for a living??

    Just interested to see what people on here do for a living im guessing many are in full time education. Even if you are do you have a part time job?? Me personally im a chef in a 5 star London Hotel the hours are long and the work is hard but i enjoy it most of the time.:)
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    FIFA 10 Ultimate Team

    Just got into playing this and loving it. The idea of getting coins from playing then spending them on packs of cards to receive random players and being able to trade what you dont want is a great idea. Iv only just started so my team is carp. But is anyone else into this??
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    England National Football Team

    After a massively disappointing World Cup we have come to the end of an era. The majority of our big players will be 33,34 and 35 and as seen today some are already past it. So I think under Capello or whoever comes in if he goes we need a shake up. First of all its been obvious that not...
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    Will we get a Playable demo before release??

    Do you guys think we will get a Playable demo before the game is released and if so what do you guys reckon it would contain and when would we get it?? I would be happy with anything even if its just a single race with one choice of car. It would be nice if they released a time trial like...
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    iRacing-i was sick of waiting for GT5, glad i found this

    Well before anyone starts i know this has nothing to do with GT5 but its more relevant to people in here than the PC section. To keep it brief i recently bought a Logitech Driving force GT Wheel after playing prologue i found myself wanting more. Im not a fan of the online on GT5P. So after a...
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    Do we need a Separate Football section

    Does anyone else think we need a separate Football section in the sport category i bet it would get more hits than automotive. There are just so many football threads and you have to scroll through a load of sticky's to get to them
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    Can my PC run this? Well check here

    This is an answer to a question below i found this decent website and iv been using it for a while now. so if you want to know if the latest game will run on you PC you can check here
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    GT5 online features - updated with screenshots

    Really looking forward to GT5 which got me thinking "i hope the online is good". I really hope they put some effort into making the online fun. Leaderboards Id love leaderboards but not the ones like other games that just basically show whos played the game the most. Id like a ranking system...
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    MAG Trophies - Going for Platinum

    MAG trophies are fairly hard but mainly time consuming I mean 1000 Bunker turret rockets kills that's fairly ridiculous. Well i thought id start this mainly for anyone else going for the platinum to help each other out (morale support) So far i have all the ribbons but i still need to do...
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    Sig request+Avatar 3,000SP up for grabs

    Its been a while since iv had a nice sig+matching Avatar so im asking you guys to work your magic as my bodging on paint always looks crap :lol: Right what i would like is a MAG sig and avatar it can contain the team name if you like but id like it to contain my psn:Rich2086 (in the sig that...
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    MAG Patch v1.02 coming today Sorry if this has been posted, few nice things in that like the tweaks with the medics should be a nice touch. :gta:
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    Radio on PSP

    So i finally bought a PSP and it came with the "internet radio player 1" on it but i was thinking is it possible to listen to British medium wave channels. Like BBC Radio5 Live and Talksport?? As this would be a massive bonus i love listening to talksport when out and about. Many Thanks