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    PS5 Custom Faceplates Available To Buy In Blue, Black, Camo And More

    Wait a month and those faceplates will be $20. They are taking advantage of being early with this.
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    Please make the video in the bottom right corner go away

    Already said I have adblock and had to manually do it. Adblock on iphone does not block it and it pops up on EVERY page. Its horribly annoying.
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    Please make the video in the bottom right corner go away

    Who thinks this is a good idea? Shows up on desktop and mobile. I was able to adblock it but still its very annoying. It loads on ever ******* page. This site is slowly dying and that super annoying autplay video is not helping.
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    TLOU 2 gets a release date

    Amazon still hasnt delivered mine but I am hearing very bad things about it. The whole story is a train wreck.
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    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    I own a tesla model 3 and tesla forums are quite busy. Official ones and third party sites. Personally I dont visit much because theres been very few games recently ive been interested in. lou2 is coming out tomorrow and its the 1st game I bought since red dead.
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    Your up-coming games!

    If you havent played Horizon zero dawn it's amazing. Im not normally into games like that but I couldnt get enough of it. Im super picky on what games I play. Maybe just 2-3 per year.
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    Sources: Call of Duty 2020 in upheaval as Treyarch takes over, plans Black Ops 5

    Haven't played call of duty in several years. I cant support companies and games that rehash the same thing every single year. Give it a rest for a few years and come back with something new.
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    Days Gone is not doing so well (72% Metascore based on 96 critics)

    I didnt buy the game and probably wont. I've been burned on a few games lately (tomb raider and Anthem). It sucks being excited for a game, spending $60 and it's nothing but a turd fest. It's sad because this game has a lot of potential but looks like it fell short.
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    Anthem reviews

    Anthem = Turd sandwich
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    Days Gone details Photo Mode, screenshots

    I liked what I saw with anthem videos but it ended up being a giant turd. Its hard getting a feeling of a game by watching videos because you dont get to feel the handling or anything. I have very high hopes for it so I really hope it's amazing.
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    Days Gone details Photo Mode, screenshots

    Im waiting for reviews. Anthem fooled me thinking it was going to be good and it's just terrible.
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    Developers to avoid going into next-gen? For those that bought the digital version of Anthem. Im waiting on their chat. 260 people ahead of me.... On a positive note I start God of war yesterday and love it so far. I tried one...
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    Developers to avoid going into next-gen?

    Paid $60 for Anthem and the game is truly awful. I will NEVER buy another EA game ever again. Almost bought some in the last couple of years and thankfully held off. This game looked so promising and it's so bad it's not even funny. I dont care how an EA game looks, I will not give a single...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn Celebrates Second Anniversary. Over 10 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

    I love killzone but HZD was one of my favorite all time games. Cant wait for a sequel.
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    Days Gone - World Video Series: Fighting To Survive (Updated Build)

    Videos look good, I hope they ironed out all their issues early reviews complained about.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has microtransactions - and they're not going down well

    Why would I play it? Same shitty games since cod 4. Different maps and guns, but same old twitchy shooter. I would rather play killzone or a game where weapons actually have some weight to them.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has microtransactions - and they're not going down well

    Just watched gameplay on youtube and it plays exactly the same as every call of duty game since 4. Same recycled POS with different maps and guns. Now with micro transactions! Yeah sounds great! ?
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has microtransactions - and they're not going down well

    Who still buys call of duty? Seriously its the same sh*tty game every single year.
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    Need new Games!

    Horizon Zero Dawn is an absolute incredible game and its super cheap now. No multiplayer but the single player is very lengthy. Honestly I think I liked it more than Red Dead 2.
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    Just Cause 4 - WTF did they do to this game??

    Just cause 3 was a turd sandwich and this one looked worse. I wouldnt play it if it was free.