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  1. Sino

    Fall software sales prediction

    It's time to predict top 5 best selling games this fall. 1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Reason: The symbol for pop gaming this generation. You know Bobby Kotick is thinking day and night about how to charge subscription for it. Chances of it outselling MW2: 0.2% 2. Gran Turismo 5...
  2. Sino

    Has the novelty worn off? Modern Warfare 2 = Fat Princess?

    I got MW2 early, and I finished the single player, it's about 7 hours. I played a little bit of special ops, but didn't get really get into it. I tried to play on harden but it's getting a bit boring. I heard the multi-player is like Fat Princess, but I've already played that game. Also everyday...
  3. Sino

    UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves - Behind the Scenes

    UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves BTS Videos, I don't think they are available on the disc. They have all the major characters doing a round table discussion. UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ - Meet the Actors BTS #7 YouTube - UNCHARTED 2: Among Thievesâ„¢ - Meet the Actors (BTS #7) UNCHARTED 2: Among...
  4. Sino

    Change rules about sales threads

    A while ago some forum members proposed a sales sub-forum, the idea was discussed, and I'm sure most people understand Admins' decision to not endorse it. But sales threads are still a bit of a problem, so some changes need to be done. I think sales-comparison threads posted in the PS3...
  5. Sino

    Bungie says Halo: Reach is its last Halo game, working on new IP with new publisher
  6. Sino

    Rein: Sony financial issues prevented PS3 price drop
  7. Sino

    BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: It could still come to PS3)
  8. Sino

    Rockstar's Agent to be "genre-defining"
  9. Sino

    wait, what are they talking about?

    YouTube - wait, what are they talking about?
  10. Sino

    MAG Appreciation

    YouTube - PS3 MAG OFFICIAL E3 FIRST MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY DEMO - SONY CONFERENCE This game blows my mind. The length of a map is as big as the entire Liberty City. The scale is huge, the battlefield is immerse.
  11. Sino

    Kojima new IP coming exclusively to Xbox360?

    Gamefork is on a roll.
  12. Sino

    Bizarre Recounts Strained Relationship With Microsoft
  13. Sino

    Future of gaming on the Cloud - Onlive - GDC 09: Debut Tech Interview Part 1 - Onlive - GDC 09: Debut Tech Interview Part 2 Cloud Computing is a confusing term because everyone has a different take. What Cloud really is...
  14. Sino

    Exclusives Analysis: PlayStation 3
  15. Sino

    2009:Year of the Playstation Brand
  16. Sino

    PS3’s 10-Year Plan Makes Sense
  17. Sino

    Sony invests more in games

    Sony Online Founds Tucson Studio
  18. Sino

    Playstaton HOME and how smart companies can take advantage of it EA was the king in disc distribution, but So they cope with it with this Watch the video. Brilliant if you ask me. Not only you...
  19. Sino

    What are you looking forward to most on PlayStation in 2009 They got some unique content that separate them from the competition, but they have to involve 3rd-party developers more. Show them that having a space...
  20. Sino

    Top 20 LittleBigPlanet Level Kit