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    MAG on EU PSN store

    I saw that they released a downloadable version of MAG on the US PSN store... are they going to release it on the EU store? and when?
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    Where can I find lbp on ps+?

    I got ps+ 1 year subscription today, I live in south Africa and we count as being in Europe so we do get lbp but I cant find it haha, so where do I go 2 download it?
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    Assassins creed 2 uplay question

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask, how do I get the assassins creed 2 uplay extra content?
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    Code on the back of the manual?

    Anyone know what the code on the back of the manual is for?
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    I just got nuked...

    I got nuked a couple hours ago, it was a guy on my team and we won but it was so wierd and by the way im not complaining about it i dont mind if theres a nuke that someone can use its fine with me. I just want to know who of u guys have been nuked or or done a nuking?
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    BF:BC2 Beta question

    Any one know when the beat ends? And do we need to play it on a american account?
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    Heavy Rain what happens when you all die?

    The makers of this game have said that the game will have 4 characters. When one of them dies they are dead permanently. They have also said that if all four die the game will still continue, but how? What do you think will happen after that?
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    Any Jeff Dunham fans?

    I am a huge fan personally. My faves in order are. 1. Penut 2. Walter 3. Achmed 4. Mellvinne 5. Sweet Daddy D 6. Jose Jalepeneo 7. Bubba J
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    When does the beta end?

    Simple question. I just want to know when the beta ends.
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    Go play singstar now!!

    A few hours ago I popped in the game disc and while it was loading, bling! bronze trophy acquirred play the game on the day the original game was released so I recommend that you pop the disc in for the easiest trophy ive ever gotten.
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    Hero or inFamous?

    So inFamous is right around the corner and I was wandering what path you guys are going to choose. I plan to be evil on my first play through then good on my 2nd. What are your plans?
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    Which Avatar should I use?

    I have 3 new Avatars but I cant decide which to use. What do you guys think?
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    inFamous special edition extra power?

    Pretty simple really. Does anyone know what the bonus power that you get in the inFamous special edition is? Thanks.
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    Uncharted 2 Sig and Avy +1000 rep

    Please can someone make me a sig and avy of Uncharted 2 maybe a pic with both Drake and scenery or something and please put my name in it too. Thanks!
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    Singstar trophies?

    When do they release? which singstar is it? Thanks for answers guys.
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    A good idea for Resident Evil 6 or any other game with a laser sight for aiming?

    Hey do you guys think that it would be cool in Res 6 or another game that has a laser sight for aiming to be able to blind the zombies (or what ever else you are shooting) with the laser and then hitting them (Res5 like) instead of just wasting ammo to stun them with bullets? Thoughts?
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    Is Street Fighter IV the best fighting game of all time?

    Yes, yes it is in my opinion. What do you guys think? EDIT: Oh and if you think not give your reason and what you think is better please.
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    Who has the most trophies?

    That you have ever seen, heard of or the person with the most on these forums or maybe theres a leader board somewhere and you saw who had the most. The highest ive ever seen is RandellaUk who is on these forums and has over a thousand trophies! Please give their PSN id aswell as where you saw them.
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    Street Fighter IV Ultra combos need help!

    So as the title suggests i need help with ultra combos. I just cant do them for some reason ive tried to do Kens, Ryus and El Fuertes but i just cant every time i try theirs i just end up doing their super combos. Help please.