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    Is There Room for a Vita in your life?

    The main reason I ended up returning the Vita was because of my iPhone 4. I've owned an iPhone since 2007 and when I got my hands on the Vita all the apps and home screen felt very outdated -- like a cheap version of what I already have on my phone. On the other hand the iPhone's games don't...
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    Have PS Vita questions? I may have an answer

    Yeah, I guess I should, but then again it was only $30 so it wasn't too expensive. Bought it at Target and I know they pretty much take anything back. :)
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    Have PS Vita questions? I may have an answer

    Thanks for the quick reply! Will be going first thing tomorrow. I'll still keep the 8GB memory card though, I'm sure I'll buy the Vita when a cheaper/better model comes out down the line.
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    Have PS Vita questions? I may have an answer

    The more I mess around with the Vita the more I realize it's just not for me. I pretty much have everything already on my iPhone and better... minus the games obviously. Do you guys know whether Best Buy will give me a full refund? I just bought it on Saturday, it was $250 for the Vita, $30...
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    anyone disappointed??

    Not really impressed with the home screen. Maybe if they had released it a few years ago before the iPhone came out I would be jumping off my seat with excitement. But for now, I just see it as ok. Also, I feel so lost. Which 2 games would you guys recommend? I have $50 to spend and have my...
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    Any Spare LBP codes(+rep)

    ..........isnt the beta over ?