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    WP7 and gaming.

    So has anyone used WP7 for mobile gaming yet? I think Microsoft is putting themselves in a great position to enter into the mobile gaming market with their Live integration in their phones. Unlocking achievements on my phone is awesome, and something I wrote a while back wishing Sony would...
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    GT5 Discs getting stamped "as we speak." M. Night Shyamalan agrees, the discs are being pressed as we speak. Finally
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    PS Move in different levels of Light Very good stress testing video for the Move.
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    PSP Trophies?

    So I've been finding myself more and more playing games to get trophies. I wouldn't consider myself quite a trophy whore, because I still buy my games based on whether I like them or not or games I'm interested in. But I also find myself not interested in playing games on the PC or my PSP...
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    Metro 2033

    Anyone else on these boards pick this game up? I just bought it off Steam a few days ago and plan on getting into it here in the next few days. I'll post impressions when I get the chance.
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    For people who don't like Motorstorm 2

    Ok, so I am making this thread because this game is getting so many mixed reviews I need more info! Please only the people who don't like Motorstorm 2 use the poll! I want to know if the people who are saying they don't like it liked the original Motorstorm, or even played it. I...