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  1. Carl

    PlayStation Japan announcement teased for Thursday

    I'll take that as a compliment, lol
  2. Carl

    PlayStation Japan announcement teased for Thursday

    It was actually for this
  3. Carl

    Quick survey (Minis - trying to improve the platform for developers/customers)

    Hey guys (yep, long time no see, i know) Basically, this survey has been done to try and get customer feedback on the Playstation "Minis" platform, and then try and put the results forward to Sony and try and get them to improve it. This...
  4. Carl

    Two "Huge" announcements coming on Saturday morning

    According to PS.Blog EU's twitter: Let the speculation begin...And then we will all be disapointed (Not specified what this is to do with so i put it here, move it if you like, Mods!)
  5. Carl

    PSN Scheduled Maintence, Wednesday June 9th That's one hell of a downtime!
  6. Carl

    Rep problemss

    I seem to be able to give out rep to as many different posts as i want. Just repped about 6 different posts one after the other...
  7. Carl

    Images not being auto-resized

    Images don't auto-resize, but simply go over the "borders" of the page Running Google Chrome
  8. Carl

    Clashes on some parts of layout

    Some parts of the layout seem to clash and collide over each other Also, too much white space in posts. Edit: And apparently pics don't automatically resize
  9. Carl

    New sig/avatar wanted - you know what it will be :D

    Hey all. Hope all you DS people are okay :) So, i decided that it is time for a new signature and avatar (seeing as the last one wasn't great, and it was made by Kwesnoth - now i can change it without feeling bad ;)) Anyway, i'm sure all of you that have been here for one of my previous...
  10. Carl

    FirstPlay - What do you think?

    Well the UK today got our own version of Qore, so i was just wondering what everyone thought of it really. Thoughts on the content, humour, general navigation, overall happiness?
  11. Carl

    The Official PSP/PS3 Minis thread - Competition CLOSED - winners inside

    So i thought the PSP Minis deserved their own thread as there are now a lot of them, and some of them are well worth your money! I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know about some of the better Minis on the service as, though there are some really good ones, there are also some...
  12. Carl

    SCEE official blog coming soon?

    From the official European Sony forums Muster Buster is the "Community Team Leader". So hopefully SCEE will soon have an official blog so that us Europeans know what is happening. Finally! Linky...
  13. Carl

    Resident Evil 5 trophy progression; How are you doing?

    How's everyone doing with the trophies in Resident Evil 5? Just stuck the game in my PS3 myself, so i haven't actually got any yet :snicker.
  14. Carl

    Clean shaven or stubble? (YEs very random, i'm bored okay!)

    So....When you shave (your face, not any other part of your body. Keep that to yourself thanks), do you prefer to be clean shaven or to leave some stubble? Yeah i don't really care i'm just bored
  15. Carl

    Request for sexy signature. SP + Mahoosive rep.

    Yes yes, you know the drill when it comes to a Carl signature. As you probably had guessed upon reading the thread title (if not, seek serious medical attention), i am in need of a new signature and avatar. Had this set for more than 2 months now, and awesome though it is, it needs renewing :p...
  16. Carl

    Infraction for wendy929net: Instant Perma-ban

    User: wendy929net Infraction: Instant Perma-ban Points: 25 User note: Administrative note:
  17. Carl

    PS3Forums Awards 2008: Signature Maker of The Year

    This award goes to the forum member who has made the best signatures this year. Good luck all nominees!
  18. Carl

    PS3Forum Awards 2008: Icon Maker of the Year

    This award goes to the one who has made the best icons for the shop, over the course of the year. Good luck
  19. Carl

    PS3Forums Awards 2008: Most helpful Member of the Year

    This award goes to the member who has been the most helpful over the year. Good luck to all