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  1. Nunalho

    U2 officialy wins GOTY/Best graphics award Confirmed and very well diserved. Props to ND for the awards they are getting from various sites also. :D
  2. Nunalho

    PSP2 specs leaked?

    Found this just now, take it with a pinch of salt...but at least it comes from a reliable source. "Eurogamer Spain has had access to internal information about the graphic specs of the upcoming PSP 2, which should be announced at the end of the current year. PSP 2 will feature a SGX543...
  3. Nunalho

    Tekken 6 E3 trailer - Force mode confirmed!

    Check out this trailer :D And it can be played with a partner it seems.
  4. Nunalho

    Heavy Rain HUGE dev interview -removed the 360 related article as it is flame bait. We all know 1st party games can't be measured on competing consoles. Besides, the title says WON'T run on 360, but the mans words never say that. Misleading blog titles start wars. -...
  5. Nunalho

    PES 2010 First In game pic

    From the mates over at WENB: It looks amazing! Great steps Konami has made, cant wait to see it running :p Also the pis is in 1080p, might be a signal that the game is or supports that resolution.
  6. Nunalho

    Tekken 6 Hands on - Joystiq

    Here is the first of some hands on the PS3 version of the game, they are impressed ;) Cant wait! This should have been out in 2008 :cuss
  7. Nunalho

    PS3 2008 lineup get the award from GT

    Indeed, hard to believe? But definitly fair, it seems most sites agree on this one. 2008 was the year of PS3 and most likely 2009 will be aswell. It was a great year overall i think. - Gametrailers GOTY Awards 08 - Best Software Line-Up
  8. Nunalho

    Killzone 2 Media blowout- First videos, new level.

    All i can say to you is: OMFG! The intro looks 5 times better than before, the light, the textures and the AI have all been boosted up! See for yourselves ;) Haters can eat a big piece of humble pie. Oh look, its not all grey :o (at 11pm Gamersyde will...
  9. Nunalho

    Possible SquareEnix 2009 Lineup *Updated* Surprised to see FF Versus XIII in the there is hope the game will release in 09. Also, where is Last Remnant PS3 version? PSP gets cool games imo.
  10. Nunalho

    WipEout HD New Screens!

    Amazing new screens, i wonder when is this game due? Its ready for a long time. (more) These ships look soo awsome :D
  11. Nunalho

    Another great Wipeout HD preview I cant wait to see this baby in motion myself and play it :o
  12. Nunalho

    FFXIII and Versus Amazing real time HD Screens Looks amazing, SE seems to be doing a fine job on the PS3 version. Here are a few of them:
  13. Nunalho

    Metal Gear is SOLID on PS3 - No 360 version Will this put an end to the "never ending" saga of MGS4 going 360?:dunce
  14. Nunalho

    Resistance 2 video walkthough

    Found this new Resistance 2 video where Ted Price talks about it.
  15. Nunalho

    BioShock’s visuals better on PS3 afterall? I swear this industry doenst know where to stand no more, we keep getting confirmations and unconfirmations one after another, exclusives that are no longer exclusives and whatnot...get a grip!
  16. Nunalho

    WipEout HD Causing Seizures?

    Causing, the game is soo fast and beautifull that hurts people's eyes :mrgreen:
  17. Nunalho

    Killzone 2 Dev video Interview

    Pretty cool summ up of the game: - Killzone 2 - E3 2008: Producer Interview HD
  18. Nunalho

    Wipeout delayed due to technical problem There you have it...pretty much explains why we havent seen it yet. I am sick of waiting for this one, and now not even a remotely possible release date. I wonder what the problem could be? Something to do with trophies? Online play?
  19. Nunalho

    Difficulty setting differences?

    Does anyone know what the differences are between Solid Normal and The Boss Extreme? Like less items, enemies take out more health? More enemies? Less ammo?
  20. Nunalho

    Naruto new Video

    YouTube - Ultimate Ninja Storm VS Mode Video Looks amazingly beautifull :p