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    No Spoiler Impressions FFXIII

    Fast. Pretty much sums up the entire experience. The gameplay, the story, the battles, and leveling system. Everything about it moves at a blazing pace. Battles barely give you time to choose which spell/attack to use so you're often going to let it go auto attack for you. The AI itself is...
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    Reversible Cover?

    I just opened my copy of the game that came with the ps3 bundle and I noticed that the other side of the cover also has the FFXIII logo on it. Is it intended to be flipped so you can use both sides for the cover? This is the photo that got me thinking. It's almost the exact same thing on the...
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    What you can do if your machine gives the yellow light. Read this first.

    This is happening to a lot of people now. It's almost like Sony decided that as soon as the slim came out, the countdown started for all those who got one of the older legacy models. Anyways I hope this helps, and if it's been done already, I shall bow my head in shame and disappear. 1) Why...
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    Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead now released on Blu-ray

    Some of the greatest indie flicks to be produced now have an outing on Blu-ray and even shines against the HD-DVD version released previously. Check out DVD Town's review: And yes, it has DTS-MA HD audio tracks. DVD Town Review of Hot Fuzz Blu All I have to say, It's about time...
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    Netflix officially adds $1 premium on blu-ray subscriptions

    Linky I know this is like brining back that other post when they first announced it way back then. But at least it's a reasonable price.
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    Where to Buy, Great Deals, Gaming Tourism...

    I'm currently in Taiwan at the moment, like I do usually, but I thought it might be a good idea to inform a lot of the users here who were considering trips overseas who would also like to take advantage of cheaper deals and a wider selection of games and other stuff. For example: Stuff...
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    Off to Asia, who's with me?!

    I head off to Asia and was wondering, what would you guys like to see here? I'll be uploading to my imagebucket account often, but nothing is too weird. Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo
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    Which film distributors are the most important?

    I stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty cool: Linky It's a big list, didn't want to post the whole thing. You'll also notice that the top 3 were all blu-ray supporters.
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    B&B originally to be in the nude?!

    Linky Wow, they even succumbed to censor laws.
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    RSX core is now a 65nm chip.

    Linky Cell has been at 65 nm since the beginning of this year, and now the machine will have both processors running at a much smaller size. Hello cost reductions (finally!) EDIT: Posted already *sorry*
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    Band of Brothers D-Day Set!

    Linky I felt it deserved a spot on the forums.
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 is Perfect!

    Early on in every system’s introduction many people wonder whether the consequent releases on that particular system will live up to the hype. After one and a half years of waiting, Playstation 3 supporters have finally gotten their proof. In comparison, all previous games almost feel like Tech...
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    blu-ray release subforum?

    Not sure if this has been asked before. But wouldn't it be great if new releases found by members could have it's own forum moderated or regulated instead of having a sticky? Instead all members could contribute with the title of the film being released, and newer members could use the forum...
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    Incredible Hulk Blu-ray (Reboot) to include 70 minutes of extra footage?

    This is really long so I'll just cut it down to the important part: Full article linky So the question is, do you want to wait for the actual movie in theatres? or wait for the blu-ray release?
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    Backup PS3 OS?

    I just had a thought, if I had a system that totally bricked on me, could it be possible that all I need to do is swap out the old HDD with a newer one that has the usual PS3 system OS, just a few versions of FW back, so all that would be required is a simple update? Or would the system be so...
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    New Hi-def Format... From Toshiba?!

    Linky This is still in a rumor phase, but evidence has yet to surface that Toshiba is backing Blu-ray in any fashion, so this could be possible. One has to ask though... why?
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    Valve makes a move towards Cloud Computing.

    Linky I wonder if more companies will move towards this in the future as well since its supposed to be the next revolution of computing.
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    Transformers Blu-ray release date set!

    Linky All I can say is, its about time: Michael Bay must be so proud...
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    Macross Frontier ep 07 discussion.

    Spoilers so watch out. First of all that was probably some of the best mecha action I've seen since the finale of Gundam 00 against the Mobile Armor. I think they've made great strides with the general animation segments, it looks so much better than "The Shadow Chronicles" Wonder...
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    Rockstar Working on a Patch offers a few solutions.

    to address people's issues with the game freezing at inopportune moments: Linky