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    Take-Two NYC office on fire

    Publisher Take-Two has suffered damage to the headquarters of its sports and value software subsidiaries, following a massive five-alarm building fire in New York at the weekend.

    According to a CBS online report, the fire started late Saturday night in the 575 Broadway building, and Take-Two's third-floor offices were directly in the path of the blaze. The building also houses "retail stores American Eagle Outfitters and Prada, as well as numerous offices for businesses, such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, the Guggenheim Museum and Antiques Magazine," the report stated.

    FDNY Chief of Operations told ABC News that the fire "got up into some duct work on the first floor and travelled up to the fourth floor" in a building which has been renovated many times, causing difficulty in tracing pockets of fire for the attending services. An evacuation of the rear of the building, which houses the Lure Fish Bar restaurant was undertaken, and six fire-fighters and one civilian received minor injuries.

    The cause of the fire is still unknown at present, as is the extent of the damage to local businesses, including Take-Two's office. Local Take-Two representatives were unable to provide any additional information or official comment at the time of writing, but stated that an official update would be forthcoming as soon as the full details could be ascertained.
    Oh noes Burn baby burn
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    i blame Jack!
    Probably was...

    This sucks, hope nothing seriously bad happened or anyone hurt badly
    Looks like things were pretty okay though, compared to worse events...

    Hope they find out what happened so they can try to prevent it elsewhere
    Kinda wishing it was Jack and he gets caught so thats him locked away somewhere, be it prison or mental institution! hehe

    See how easy it is to blame someone?
    Now we all can guess how Jack Thomspon feels when he blames GTA for every wrong in the world
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunnter
    i blame Jack!
    Probably was...
    I wonder which "murder simulator" he practiced on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cera
    Quote Originally Posted by Hunnter
    i blame Jack!
    Probably was...
    I wonder which "murder simulator" he practiced on
    I vote for GTA2!! He used that to practise his fire skills on and then set fire to Take-two office building. jk.

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    I think it was

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