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    LFE and Subwoofer crossover settings

    Hi guys, just a quick one.

    My onkyo amp is set to 80hz LFE but I am unsure what to set my subwoofers crossover too. Any advice? Ta


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    If you receiver is handling the crossover at 80, you neet to set your crossover on your woofer to the max, that way the receiver fully handles the crossover of what goes to your sub. If your then not happy with the base you are getting, try adjusting the crossover to 100 or 120. Alot of it depends on what type of fronts you are running.

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    yeah, max out the sub crossover if your using a receiver to set the crossover for the LFE. no reason whatsover to use 2 crossovers............if your not happy with the bass you are getting, then move the subwoofer around for better placement that gives you the sound you desire.

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    Thanks guys will play around with it a bit until i'm happy. I'm using floorstanders at the front which go down pretty low, but does the amp LFE stop low frequencies going to the floorstanders, and divert it to the sub?

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