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    I've been seeing a "KKK" locking guy on SC4 under the name "Grand Wizard"

    who would've figured.

    I've also seen him in hot pink entitled "gayKK"

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegan_mekey View Post
    I've been seeing a "KKK" locking guy on SC4 under the name "Grand Wizard"

    who would've figured.

    I've also seen him in hot pink entitled "gayKK"
    what the hell are u on about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabeBro View Post
    Here are my characters. I created them from scratch because I hadn't found any of the characters I wanted and if I did, I wasn't content with how they looked so I made them on my own. I have 9 made so far. Here goes:

    1 - Akasha (from Queen Of The Damned)

    2) Cammy

    3) Gloria (Devil May Cry 4)

    4) Harley Quinn

    5) Lil' Kim

    6) Mystique

    7) Poison Ivy


    9) Storm

    Quality, love the rouge and cammy ones, any chance u could post the formulas?

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    i like the Nintendo series super smash bros so if any one could make some of the characters that be really kool

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    These are my guys, some people i made up some are real life characters try to guess them

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz637 View Post
    These are my guys, some people i made up some are real life characters try to guess them
    1. Ronald Macdonald
    2. Random Knight
    3. Naruto
    4. Darth Maul
    5. Spawn

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    I don't have a ton of stuff 'cause I havent been playing this for a little while, but using what I have this is my Nariko. Don't think I've seen anyone make her yet.
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    Would somebody tell me who siegefrend is?

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    Damn, I can't believe I didn't find this thread sooner while looking for custom SC4 character ideas. I've got about 24-25 custom characters(one of each fighting style), so I'll be posting them up on here soon. Hopefully my phone can take decent pictures on a 52" LCD D

    To be continued...

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    Here's my characters. Sorry for having to tilt your head sideways! And here we go:

    Baron Von Stuppe: bad guy from a 60's movie called "The Great Race" (Raphael style)

    Samurai Jack: badass show on Cartoon Network from a few years ago. Torrent it, seriously. (Mitsurugi style)

    Alucard: Dracula's good son from Castlevania [switch to Siegfried's frosty Soul Edge for Arthas from WoW] (Nightmare style)

    Cloud Strife: if you don't know, then stop. Just stop right now. (Siegfried style)

    Prince of Persia: from the Prince of Persia series of course. (Yun-seong style)

    Kid Chameleon: the Samurai suit from the old Sega Genesis game "Kid Chameleon," for all the old-schoolers out there. (Yoshimitsu style)

    Captain Katanga: the pirate captain from Raiders of the Lost Ark. He was in the movie for five minutes but he was so filthy and weird in those five minutes. (Cervantes style)

    Predator: alien hunter who can only be killed by the Governator and (sadly) Danny Glover. (Hilde style)

    Strider-Hiryu: from the Strider games for NES and SNES. Also in the MvC2 arcade game. (Taki style)

    King Leonidas: from 300. If you have a Y chromosome and haven't seen that movie, shame on you. (Sophitia style)

    Thrall: Orc leader from World of Warcraft. (Rock style)

    Cairne: Tauren leader from World of Warcraft. (Seong-Mina style)

    Leonardo: Leonardo leads. (Xianghua style)

    Donatello: Donatello does machines... that's a fact, Jack. (Kilik style)

    Raphael: Raphael is cool but crude... give him a break. (Talim style)

    Michaelangelo: Michaelangelo is a party dude! (Maxi style)

    Shredder: Nemesis of the previous four characters. (Zasalamel style)

    Alien: they almost killed Ron Perlman. Now that's tough. (Lizardman style)

    Fel Orc: big mean red dude from World of Warcraft. Take a stroll through Hellfire Citadel to see what I'm talking about. (Astaroth style)

    Angel: original character I made because I felt like it. (Setsuka style)

    Devil: another original character I made, and counterpart to Angel. (Amy style)

    Radioactive!: in every game with a creation mode, I make a character like this. Totally random, makes no sense, and an assault on the logical part of your mind. Don't think about it too hard or you'll pee your pants. (Voldo style)

    Squire: my third original character. Bleh... (Cassandra style)

    Hula Hoops: I tried to make a 60's poodle skirt party chick but I got this instead. It worked out I think.

    And there you have it. Hope I have your guys approval on my first submission. If not, then I hate all of you :2gun::gta:

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    Enjoy the list i made from scratch. Just needed to grab some pictures of their original in game images from their various games for quick references TONS MORE TO COME.. and sorry if i overlapped anyone elses

    STREET FIGHTER SERIES - Akuma, Chun Li, M. Bison, Ken, Ryu, Dan, Vega

    MORTAL KOMBAT SERIES - Scorpion, Sub Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Lui Kang

    KILLER INSTINCT SERIES - Jago, Orchid, Kim Wu

    COMIC CHARACTERS - Joker, Hulk, Superman

    SUPER SMASH BROTHERS - Ike, Link, Sheik

    FINAL FANTASY SERIES - Tidus (X), Cloud & Sephiroth (VII), Zach Fair & Cissnei (VII Crisis Core), Locke, Celes & Sabin (VI in JP/III in US)


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    oops... double post.

    i will be adding all the SNES Final Fantasy 3 (VI in Japan) characters including Terra who i already made but didnt take a picture

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    i love the auron one, it looks jsut like him, from ffx10

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    which one? Tidus? not sure who auron is..

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    my characters

    aight, after seeing some of the posts you guys made, i thought that id post mine. some of them already look like the ones on the thread, but they are good never-the-less.

    Cloud Strife

    Master Chief

    Darth Maul


    The Hulk




    Squal Leonheart





    Ryu Hayabusa

    Drizzt Do'Urden


    Sub Zero

    Donmir-My custom character (Pronounced Don- like the name and -mirror)

    just in case you are wondering, drizzt is from a beastly forgotten realms series, and donmir is a dark elf just like him.

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    lookin great man! i love your Darth Maul, but i decided not to go with Star Wars characters because we can't use the lightsaber fighting styles with customer characters at this time it would be a tease...

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    yeah, i think it would be cool if they did come out with jedi style dlc for soul calibur:gta: it would kick ***

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    i saw a youtube video of a custom character using a lightsaber in actual fight mode... looked real but never really found out the ligitimacy.

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    No Rock Lee or Neji? Flash? I made an okay Sakura(Naruto) and very accurate Elektra(Comics) plus mediocre Psylocke(Comics).

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    These characters are great! Anyone know of a good site with the formulas listed too?

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    Rikku(X-2) TWISTED HEADBAND blue 9:44,18 Muffler 8:2,17 Belle Gloves white,white,red,white Atlanta's skirt 3:5,26 brown Atlanta's boots 0:45,04 8:31,21 6:9,24 I used Cat Tails for hair. JEAN GREY(Xmen) Mawari Hachigame blue Goddess S. all blue Bordered suit all orange 9:6,18 Clergy clothes orange,blue Tiger lily gauntlets blue,blue,orange

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    some of the characters i made using a formula page on gamefaqs. the rest my friend found and just told me hot to make. god online knows where he went. the others were just pure copying of pictures of the games some of the characters were in. ill try to write all the formulas in my freetime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnzongBoliostro View Post
    I would've gave ryu hayabusa the twin katanas but other than that awesome. Can't wait to get this game.
    I'd have to agree with you there

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    some one i keep trying to make is frank west from dead rising but i cant get the face right

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    theres a great youtube vidoe with aomse guy that made literally every possible known character to man in sc4 its pretty sick i made altair exactly ho its shown here using the guy witht the nunchucks' style i own with him in online modes

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