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    No replacement for Hideo (MGS4)

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    Hopefully it will be a add-on to MGS: 2....Need (Really Bad) to see what happens after:

    [spoiler:116d8f1da4]When they found out all that info about the people in control...can't really remember there names at the moment...[/spoiler:116d8f1da4]
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    The Patriots. Yeah, it seems Hideo Kojima wants to pursue that angle on the whole MGS universe. I'm excited as hell - but we'll have to wait to next year to see PS3 footage... That'll be mindblowing0! Doesn't really surprise me that they only show this MGS3-engine based teaser, though - they only recently began developing the game (March, I think).

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    That was one of the funniest movies(game related) I've ever seen. But expecting Kojima's sans wits, nothing short of cool.

    It looks like Snake will be supporting a beard this time. I wonder what Kojima-san is thinking. Is snake old already? Sheesh, that'd suck! But again its Shinkawa-sans awesome drawing that can never cease to impress. Just look at those artwork man. I'm expecting nothing short of spectacular on PS3.

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    Yeah that is for sure one great way to introduce new games. That gave Kung Fu Hustle a battle for the funniest movie of the year.
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    Do we need a new topic?

    Post the link in the other thread.

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