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    i have a media server from my pc to my ps3 now all the videos i use are .avi and somework and some dont so if they dont work i just use imTOO mp4 converter and select the ps3 720i converseion one then it always works

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    PS3 can successfully play AVI encoded with Motion JPEG (Linear PCM) or Motion JPEG (μ-Law); PS3 will or will not play AVI files encoded with other video or audio codec. That is we will often encounter issues in playing DivX encoded AVI on PS3, Xvid encoded AVI on PS3, WMV encoded AVI on PS3, or other video encoded AVI files on PS3.

    In order to successfully play all kind of AVI files on PlayStation 3, a recommended solution is to convert AVI to PS3 more supported video format with iDealshare VideoGo

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    Hi Scouserladchris,

    PS3 can play AVI files with Motion JPEG (Linear PCM) or Motion JPEG (u-law). If your files cannot meet these two conditions, PS3 cannot play your AVI files.

    In order to solve "PS3 Cannot Play AVI" issue and play various AVI files on PS3 freely, a recommended solution is to convert AVI files to PS3 supported MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP4, DivX, WMV, Xvid with AVI to PS3 Converter.

    I searched on Google and found a recommended tool named Bigasoft Total Video Converter. I tried it and it works well.

    Maybe it can help you too!

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    Well, that spammed up quickly.

    Some MPEG-4s work for me on PS3, and even an occasional MKV, but AVIs are definitely the most reliable video file to stream IMO. I very rarely find a AVI file that won't play on PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equinoqs View Post

    Some MPEG-4s work for me on PS3, and even an occasional MKV,
    really because i have never had one mkv work for me and i have over 500 mkv files

    Anyways this thread is way old.. by now everyone should just be using mp4 AVI is crap simple as that. What i do is take a MKV file MUX the file into a Mp4 and presto workable ps3 video it can be difficult starting out but its really easy once you get the hang of it also there is NO QUALITY LOSS in the video like there is when you convert a file.

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