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    Assassins Creed Rumour Unfounded.

    I just thought I would post this to clear up this rumour crap once & for all.

    What we heard: One of the games that made the biggest impressions on E3 attendees this year was Assassin's Creed, currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal. The third-person stealth/action game is a combination of Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, and is set during the third Crusade in medieval Europe.

    Considered by some to possibly be a "system seller," many (Microsoft included, no doubt) were shocked to find that it was only announced for the PlayStation 3 at this year's E3. The game was being shown behind closed doors at Ubisoft's booth in a small room where five stations were set up and Ubi developers ran lucky gamers through personal demos.

    Early rumors had the game running on a PlayStation 3 at E3. Soon, rumors flew that the game was actually running on an Xbox 360 dev kit with a PlayStation 2 controller running through a USB adapter.

    GameSpot News contacted Ubisoft to set the record straight. "Assassin's Creed was being shown on a PC emulating a PlayStation 3," a rep told GameSpot News. The systems were out of view, so we'll take Ubisoft's word as to what the game was running on.
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    if its on a pc emulating a ps3 = a Ps3s un final dev kit.
    The final dev kits for ps3 come in june, i dunno why it would be on a 360 dev kit when the 360 console is officially out but Since itll be mainly a Ps3 game like how the 360 haves ubisoft's Splinter cell double agent which havent been said if thatll be on the ps3 then its fair that Ps3 will have Assasins creed and the 360 doesnt makes things even.

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    Ok, this has been posted in the Xbox 360 Section, and the "360-USB PS2 Controller" rumor is false.

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    Still doesn't mean you won't see Assasin's Creed on the 360. I think they're going to do a timed exclusive ala Grand Theft Auto.

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    I personally think it means it was running on a PC with Playstation controller. If it was running on a Dev Kit surely they would have said dev kit, and that would have ended all rumours and speculation. If the device it was running on had a Cell process, XDR memory etc you could call this hardware emulation, but I am sure it would have been easier (and less confusing) to say Dev Kit. I donít believe any PC is powerful enough to emulate the PS3 in software so the statement of PC emulating PS3 just adds to the confusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Relic
    I donít believe any PC is powerful enough to emulate the PS3 in software
    oh there are pc's alright.. thier big mind you and are owned by the military

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    Lock on the user's request.
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    Valkyria Chronicles III added

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