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    Quote Originally Posted by lotusneo View Post

    I have gotten my 6th card yesterday all the other ones broke, but we found out they've just been sending us back the old one..

    So Now ive gotten a new one it work and all, but as soon as I record the clips get desynced and all laggy

    My computer specs are 4x as good as yours so what is the problem?

    Im getting really desperate
    list your specs pls

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    Hey man great info. But I have some additional questions. Let me ask you

    I want to capture from my PS3 and make game guides. So I have Intensity pro. It works - I use my HDTV device and I can capture TV trough HDMI.

    Than I read your forum post. I buy a HDMI to 5 RCA RGB component+2audio cable. I set up PS3 to 720p60, than put HDMI end in PS3 and the other end in octopus cable of Intensiti Pro. But dont work man. Tell me what I do wrong, or may be I need different type of cable. Pls share more of your expirience. Thank you in advance.

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    I use The Hauppauge HD DVR and its really great. I don't edit.

    CPU I7 3820 GPU Asus GTX 980 4GB Motherboard BioStar TpowerX79 HDD Seagate 3TB CPU Samsung SSD 850 EVO 512GB COOLING: Corsair Hydro H80 Case: CoolerMaster RC932 Haf RAM: 16GB 1333 DDR3 Power Supply Seasonic 760W Windows 7 64Bit Monitor BENQ XL2730Z 2560X1440 Samsung 3D LED TV 240HZ 55H7150 PS3 Super Slim 1TB HDD PS VITA 32GB

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    Quite an old article, I personally use the Hauppauge HD PVR myself and saying that you can't edit the video - even back then - is so not true.

    I've had mine since back in 2010 and I just used VirtualDub or even Camtasia after capturing to h.264, granted you're stuck to 1080i. The HD PVR 2 is just out now though and it's exactly the same as the HD PVR but now with HDMI so it costs a little bit more. I have tried it but for the PS3 you're still stuck to using component due to HDCP, the XBox 360 though does not have HDCP so you can connect that through it for full 1080p without a hitch. Component I believe is 1080i max.

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