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Grow up. I can't think of much more to say.

Totally unacceptable behavior. This is why we don't allow these topics here, clearly most people who WANT to discuss this here - CAN'T without being totally childish and silly.
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IMO, it was an inside job. Did you know George Bush's 1st cousin's security corporation landed the contract for responsibility for the entirety of both world trade towers a year before 9/11? That in itself should raise questions. ALSO, do you know what the military arms were up to on 9/11? They were participating in the U.S. VERY FIRST ALL-MILITARY war games! **** Cheney organized this for this specific date. So where was our trillion dollar military in our time of need?

Edit: LMAO! It bleeped D i c k Cheney?
you're a ****in idiot and you'd get your *** kicked if you said that around here. i bet your hippie idiot parents feed you the ******** while they complain about how its the republicans fault for manbearpig, or some other made-up ***** liberal idea.

Glen Beck is a very smart man, try watching before your tiny liberal brains shun him immediately all because he isnt a winey *****. its called an open mind and im sick of hearing the most idiotic people talk trash about things they know nothing about, and only ONE news channel covers everything. i'd like to inform you all that the Daily show isnt real news. its just making fun of everything. even they could edit a MLK video and make him look like a complete moron. our country is going to be ****ed now, and ill be here sayin i told you so

and it wasnt because of money or anything. its the stupid politicians and special groups delaying everything, which is exactly what should NOT happen, because how is *****ing going to look when the *******s who knocked down the towers are sitting high and mighty 8 years later.