Myself and the rest of the forum staff have agreed that we need to update the signature rules, since we currently have no limitations for userbars. The following is our forum's new rules regarding signatures and avatars.

Avatars - Our forum's avatar rules are unchanged, but for those of you who haven't read them, here they are:
  • 120x120 pixels, and under 25KB
  • Must not contain any offensive material, or anything not suitable for minors.

Signatures and Userbars:
  • You are given a total of 500x120 pixels, and 35KB for your signature and userbar. If you wish to have a signature of 500x120, then you sacrifice your userbar. The same applies for the file sizes (e.g: You can have a signature that is 34KB and a userbar that is 1KB).
  • Must not contain any offensive material, or anything not suitable for minors.

Subscriber Information

  • Subscribers are given a little extra space too. It is 550 by 160 pixels or 65 KBytes. And if you do use a user bar the same info above applies to you to.

Userbars (specifics):
  • No more than one userbar can be placed in your signature if you have a standard 500x100 signature.
  • Userbars must be under 10KB. We don't want people creating .GIF userbars to fit all of them in, as these can reach upwards of 40KB.
  • If you do not have a 500x100 signature, then you can use up to 4 userbars. The userbars must not exceed the forum limits of 500x120 pixels. The combined total of these three userbars must be under 35KB.
  • Design Squad Members' specialized userbars are 500x20 pixels, and should be under 20KB.
  • Design Squad Members are allowed one additional userbar on top of their standard userbar.

Xbox Live Gamercards:

  • We no longer have any rules regarding the use of italics, bold, size, quotes, or colours in signature text. However, we ask that you keep these effects to a minimum (i.e: Don't use quote tags more than once in your signature).

Other Rules:
  • Signature's may not contain advertisemens as defined by the forum rules.
  • Animated pictures can be removed at staff discretion.
  • All existing forum rules regarding cursing, flaming, fanboy terminology, etc. apply to avatars and signatures.
  • Hyperlinks used in signatures cannot go to offensive content or content that would not be suitable for all ages.
  • Hyperlinks must describe accurately what they are linking too, they cannot be misleading.

All decisions regarding signatures made by Administrators or Moderators are final.

The Forum Staff reserve the right to remove any signature or avatar without the user's notice.

Should said user continue to break the avatar and signature rules, we reserve the right to remove these priveleges from the user, or possibly a ban (temporary or permanent), depending on how serious the situation is.