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    I haven't heard any new about Sony axing the Go. I am only considering this a rumor at this point.

    Things have really changed for me since I bought my white Go last November. I looked at my huge 290+ UMD collection and totally regretted it. I realize now it's not a great format and down the line it's going to go the way of the Beta tape, Mini Disc (TM) and HD-DVD. So I sold almost all my collection and have 29 left. When those are finally on the PSN, that is it for UMD!!

    I really love my Go! It has got me more into my PSP stuff then I have ever been. And having most of my collection now all digital kicks serious ***!!

    It will be a huge let down if Sony drops the Go. If it does happen, I have a black/white 3000 and a blue Madden 2000 that I will use full time. And my digital games will still be there and continue to grow!!! So I guess it will be no big deal.

    I haven't bought a UMD in over 6 months and I will never go back.
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    PSPgo is good, but Sony shot themselves in the foot by launching it at a ridiculous price.

    Also digital content should be cheaper than their hardware counterparts (since the cost is less too).

    I'll always pick a hardcopy over a digital copy if the price is almost equal. Why? Resale value of a physical copy, and also I like the physical copies psychologically.

    However a 25 physical game or 20 digital ... perhaps they'll give me an incentive to buy digital.
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