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    Track 7 is trying to prove that next-generation gaming will not leave interactive adventures in the dust. Its first project for PC and unnamed consoles seems to be a throwback adventure title that will appeal to fans of Syberia-like products -- a title that promises to incorporate next-generation technology with that type of gameplay, anyway.

    Theseis is about Andronicos Kalogerou, a young man living in present day Athens. Andro is called to an apartment building for some routine repairs. It was then that he discovered a fantastical machine that would forever alter his life and expose him to a universe more extraordinary and supernatural than any he could have ever imagined.

    The decades old invention of a recently deceased adventurer, the mysterious machine pulls back the veil that has thus far hid our normal world from dark secrets it was simply not prepared to handle. And now, far beneath the aged and battered Greek metropolis, Andronicos will endeavor to unravel an eon old mystery that may lead to a universal revelation that will leave humanity forever altered for better or worse.

    Track 7 is describing its adventure title as featuring, "Awe and dread, humor and split-second decisions, discovery and betrayal, the mythical and the mundane, are all intertwined in this fast paced crossing to the other side, where your only hope is the discarded rumor of ancient folklore, dubious medieval books and above all your wits!"

    Specifically, Thesis should incorporate:

    * A modern-day Athens of marvel, danger and backstage scheming.
    * Multiple endings according to decisions made during the game.
    * Mind-boggling conundrums based on Greek mythology.
    * Locales that range from neo-classical to the depths of Hades.
    * Proprietary graphics engine.
    * Original dynamic music score.

    Greek Adventure
    And now, since we know exactly nothing about how Thesesis plays or what the adventure will entail. Here's a bit of the story.

    > "Many people throughout the course of history -- from honest explorers to bloodthirsty fanatics -- have tried to find the hiding place of Theseis and retrieve it. Others have unwittingly come across vital clues or artifacts related to the search and have paid the ultimate price.

    For three days he hid and ran and felt total dread.

    The soldiers had come in daylight, shamelessly, clad in armor and bearing steel. They broke the oak door like it was made of parchment and rushed in without pause. Ruthless. Machinelike.

    He saw the other students go down, the lucky ones killed, the others arrested -- or maybe it was the other way around. No, the rumors where too precise to be false, no one who had gone into the dungeons had ever returned. He wanted to help, wanted to get out of his hiding place behind the closet, but then what? He was a scholar and they were Roman soldiers.

    Or where they? It was all so confused, so hazy in his mind! He appealed to the Gods, he needed sleep however, his mind was racing. Three days without sleep, walking from place to place with a bowed head, constantly afraid if they recognize him, hearing the awful rumors about the Scholei. And the lies! All sorts of lies, that they, the scholars were heretics and evil magicians and much more than any sane man would ever believe. Where was he? He looked around. Potts and furnaces, must be Keramikos the potter's district. The smell of clay drying in the spring night filled his nostrils and calmed him in a peculiar way. He remembered coming here with his father to buy pots for the house when he was little. What a strange memory, why did it come back now?

    A noise from the left made him jump. Fear flooded him and he almost broke into a frantic run before realizing that it was a small boy picking up one of the pots. The boy looked at him straight in the eyes and smiled. He smiled back and started walking again. The adrenaline had woken him up for good, put him on alert again. He checked the pocket of his tunic and found that the scroll was safely there. Good, that was the important thing. Now if he could only reach Kritolaos in time.

    Suddenly a sharp pain exploded in his head. The world began spinning as he fell to the ground, darkness descending upon him. No, not now, not before the scroll is safe! Another excruciating pain, he felt his ribs breaking under the force of the blow. He forced his eyes open and saw a figure clad in black looming over him. Immediately, the man grabbed and raised him off the ground, slamming him hard on a stone wall. Blackness threatened once again to devour him but he fought back with all his strength.

    The stranger began rummaging through his pockets, ignoring the money and the jewels. At once he knew what he was after - the scroll! He tried to fight back, but the stranger was stronger than him and pinned him down with a strike that knocked the air out of his lungs. Powerful hands snatched the scroll and dropped him to the ground like a sack as the stranger quickly began to examine it.

    Now or never! Summoning all his strength, he gripped his knife and waited for what would surely come next. The stranger tucked the scroll inside his tunic, drew a sharp knife from his belt and prepared to deliver the final blow. Amidst a whirlwind of pain the teacher thrust and buried the knife deeply inside the strangers body! Surprise dawned on the face of the assassin as he fell on his surprise attacker, stabbing him back with his final breath. Filling his lungs in one deep breath, he rolled the killer off him and with a titanic effort took the scroll back.

    Only then did he scream.

    The world suddenly came to life as the people rushed from their houses to the bloody scene on the street. At once they gathered around the two bodies, speaking words and gesturing things that he couldnąt understand, his entire universe now a sea of pain. From the corner of his eye, he noticed the young boy again and waved him near. The boy bowed to hear him.

    Do you know who Kritolaos is boy? He whispered.

    Yes. The pot painter. Answered the boy.

    Take this to him and you'll receive a dying mans blessing.? The boy nodded and taking the scroll from his hands disappeared in the night.

    Aolaos smiled and crossed his hands on his chest. He closed his eyes and let out his final breath."
    Use quote tags next time. Also, unless you wrote this yourself I want to see a link to it. Finally, what is this doing in the PS3games forum? - siren

    interesting heh??

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    Wow. That story got my heart pumping. Wowness. Thesis is going on my list.
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    Today is going to be a high traffic day so we need to get every news article done and have it live as soon as possible. This will help maintain our high traffic.

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