Yakuza PSP Has Multiplayer Combat

Portable entry takes series multiplayer with cooperative and competitive ad-hoc fights.

<H2 class=entry_date>Posted Jun 24, 2010 at 10:55, By Anoop Gantayat

You can't have a PSP game without a multiplayer component -- not even when the game is Yakuza.

Sega has thus far kept quiet on possible multiplayer play for Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter, the new PSP entry in the Yakuza series. There is a multiplayer component to the game, though, and this week's Famitsu has first details.
Players will be able to link up for ad-hoc battles. While saying that details will be provided in a future update, the magazine teases that both cooperative and competitive play will be included.
The magazine does not list how many players will be able to take part in the fight. However, the game does support tag-based fights, at least in single player mode.
During the single player adventure mode, as you move about Kamurocho, you'll get into battles with bums you encounter on the street. That's the norm for a Yakuza game. But Tatsuya can now team up with his friends for tag battles. These tag battles put Tatsuya and his partner character against multiple opponents. They can each fight a single foe, or they can team up for group attacks.
If the game's engine supports tag-based fights, perhaps we can expect multiplayer support for four players. Famitsu does not make any mention of this, however, so we'll have to wait for details.
You'll have access to a growing cast of characters for the game's multiplayer component. When you emerge victorious from one of your street fights, your opponent becomes selectable as a team member exclusively during multiplayer play.
Outside of the multiplayer component, Famitsu details another component of the Black Panther battle system. It was previously announced that you'll have access to a number of different fighting styles. Famitsu lists four of these: Street Fighting, Karate, Boxing and Pro Wrestling. Each style has different specialities and Heat Action moves.
It looks like PSP's first Yakuza game is going to pack quite a bit in the combat department, both in single player and multi player. Famitsu's Yakuza reveals are usually followed by full online reveals, so we'll hopefully get some media for the game's combat system later this week.