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    New Bullet Witch Preview

    Last time I saw this game it wasn't very impressive. But the visuals look to be very much improved right now. I don't know what the rest of you think however, but from the preview it doesn't look like it controls all that beautifully. The gameplay looks repetitive. And the basic spells she has right now don't do much to help. But apparently you'll be getting "super" spells (I made that up) to help take out larger enemies.

    But to bring it back to why I'm bothering to post this. The graphics have improved dramatically.

    This video is also very impressive after you watch what IGN has...

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    Well, it does look pretty bad....
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    Don't know man, looks pretty bad to me. Visuals have improved, but the whole game and the idea behind it sound/look pretty uninspired.

    I think if it had a lock on function the game would appeal a bit more to me...

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    The visuals have improved, but that's expected...I absolutely have no urge to play this game. The gun idea seems really lame to me and I hate the gun model...looks stupid IMO.

    The only good thing I like about this game is the ability to "charge" up you lame gun with spells...Game looks better from last time, however, its definitely not for me.

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