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    the maximum amount of power that can be supplied....

    I keep getting a message along the lines of 'the maximum amount of power that can be supplied to usb devices has been reached, please remove at least one usb device' When I first got this it wasn't really big of a deal, I just did what it said and had no problems. Recently though I'm getting this message every few seconds whilst charging one controller on my slim.

    I never had this issue on my 60gb and I'd have 4 things in the usb ports almost all the time. Now I'll plug in a controller to charge and get the message, the lights on the controller then flash and it reconnects then does it again later. It's not an issue with the usb cable or the controller as I've tested multiples ones of both.

    I recently found out that I only get the message when I move my controller whilst charging. If i hold it completely still or leave it on the floor it charges fine but as soon as I move then the msg comes up and my controller disconnects/ reconnects etc...

    I googl'd the msg and other people have had it but I didn't find any solutions other then: 'remove one of them' which solves nothing. So does any1 else have this and is there a way to fix it? Im wondering if it means my ps3 is failing or something, I know the usb ports must be pretty messed up if this is happening. But even tho i hav the warranty I dont want to swap it becaus i hav way too many hours on demons souls and dragon age which are irreplaceable...

    Also something else ive noticed is when playing certain games (mainly DA:O and bfb2) the disc drive, or whatever you call it can get very noisy, its hard to describe the sound but ill just say its sounds choppy. Its not the seeking sound if you know what I mean (the sound you hear when u put a game in and it loads up the logos and stuff etc) but something tht last much longer. My disks arnt scratched or anything but i find the sound doesn't actually go away if i leave it alone. usually if i just wiggle my ps3 a bit or tap it, it'll stop...

    Anyway srry for the walls ut wud be great if sum1 cud help me out

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    Here's your original post on this from a bit over a month ago

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    MAybe the USB cable you use to chare is damaged.
    Maybe the USB port is damaged or has loose connections

    I would send it back for warranty.

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