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    Forum Rules and Policies - Reviewed October 2010


    No Spam – Spam found within the contents of a members post or signature is forbidden. Spam includes self-promotion, blatantly off-topic nonsense, advertising for another website and can also include multiple similar topics posted in quick succession to maximize a member’s attention on the spam subject. Depending on the severity of the offense, a member will either receive a private message from a staff member, receive an official warning or infraction and may receive a ban from the forums altogether.

    No material unfit for minors – and its associated forum are a family friendly area. Posting erotic messages, pornography, offensive images, $#@!phobic statements and linking to pornographic or violent websites and/or videos is forbidden. This rule applies for the main body of a post, a users signature and a users avatar. Staff members will use their discretion when deciding the appropriate punishment.

    No Flaming – Flaming is attacking a member or group for their views (on religion, sexuality, console purchase decisions, points of view or apparent lack of knowledge) while showing disregard for their feelings. PSU promotes healthy debate and will not tolerate members flaming each other. Staff members will take the appropriate action to safeguard healthy debate.

    No Trolling – Trolling is defined as posting something off-topic or offensive deliberately in order to aggravate other members, with the view to causing an argument. Members that reply (Fall for the bait) to the troll post will be dealt with in the same way as the troll.
    You can post news/comments but it must be supported and presented impartially without bias to a particular company. Any one posting without linking to a supporting article, in a trolling manner will be assumed to be posting with the intention of damaging this forum community and/or causing ill will in the community and will be perma-banned outright.

    No hacking/Mod discussion - All information regarding hacking/modding the PlayStation 3 will go into one stickied thread in the PS3 Discussion sub-forum. All information regarding hacking/modding the PlayStation Portable (and any of its subsequent successors) will go into one stickied thread in the PS1, PS2 & PSP Discussion sub-forum. In these threads, no links to forums or news sites discussing how the hack/mod can be achieved will be tolerated. In addition, links to websites selling hardware pre-hacked/modded, or offering to sell equipment that can be used to hack/mod the PS3 and PSP are banned. Members are forbidden to post information or instructions that would enable another user to hack/mod their PlayStation 3. Similarly these rules will be upheld for hacking/modding the Wii, DS and the Xbox 360 for those respective systems. A stickied thread will be created in the appropriate sub-forum if members wish to discuss these matters. Linking to or naming websites that provide ISO's, ROM's or their related software is also not allowed.

    No Spoilers – PSU will take the appropriate disciplinary action when members post spoilers regarding game plots or Easter eggs without putting the information in spoiler tags. Spoilers can be in text, picture or video form. Generally two months should pass from a games release before members discuss these plot points/Easter eggs in the open forums without the use of spoiler tags.

    Signature/Avatars – Signatures/Avatars should comply with the rules found in this specific thread. Signatures/Avatars should not contain material inappropriate for minors or advertising.

    No "1337-speak" – This is utter nonsense and will not be tolerated.

    9. No insubordination - The staff are simply upholding the rules for the benefit of the community. Disregarding their warnings/advice is considered insubordination and offenders will be disciplined accordingly.

    10. No Mod/Admin Begging - Staff are picked because of merit. Begging to become a staff member or attempting to bribe a staff member into 'putting in a good word' on a members behalf will not be tolerated. If a member is deemed mature enough they will be promoted if a vacancy arises.

    11. No ban contesting - If the staff have decided a member is banned, that decision is final. Creating an additional account to contest the ban is not permitted and that account will also be banned. Likewise contesting a ban via e-mail is not permitted.

    12. No Infraction/Warning Contesting - Members are free to ask staff members via private message for the reasons why they received disciplinary action. If members persist to hassle staff members after they have received their explanation and informed that the decision will not be overturned, they will be receive further punishments.

    13. No E-Mail Abuse - Using another members e-mail to send them insulting or harassing messages is forbidden. Using these e-mails to sign them up for spam e-mails is likewise a punishable offense. Members will be banned and their ISP's will be contacted. Members are asked to remain vigilant and not to post their personal e-mail addresses without giving the appropriate consideration as to how they may be abused.

    14. No Advertising Other Sites - This will be dealt with strictly. Posting links to a website with the aim of increasing its traffic is an infractable offense. Linking to personal websites that will make monetary gains from the clicks are also banned.

    Don't abuse the smilies - This will be dealt with using staff discretion. Members using far too many smilies in one post or over a series of posts will be given an appropriate punishment.

    16. Max Shop Icon Quantity - The max number of shop icons which users can store in their inventory is three identical icons. Owning more than this [3] depletes the shop stock for others unfairly. If you buy more than 3 then you may have the icon(s) removed along with your skill points (not reimbursed). Repeat offenders could face more severe consequences.

    17. Text must be in Black font color and Size 2 - The majority of a members post should be in black colored font and size 2. This makes posts easier to read for members. Alternative colors can be used to draw attention to other areas of a post (e.g. sub-titles).

    18. Do not Impersonate Mods/Admin - Includes acting like a Mod and/or pretending to be a mod –e.g. sending PM's to members saying they will be banned or promoting new forum policy without Admin/Staff consent. Pretending to be acting on behalf of the staff is also an offense that will receive corrective action.

    19. No Bypassing Curse Filter - The swear filter is in place to prevent minors from seeing offensive language. Attempts to bypass the filter include using alternate lettering/numbers/symbols (such as *) as part of a word. Members should endeavor to avoid using bad language in posts.

    20. No Fanboy Terminology - Fanboy terminology such as Xbot, M$, SDF, Sony Droid etc is forbidden and will be dealt with by the staff via warnings, infractions and bans.

    21. No Rep or Skill Point Begging - Begging members via private message, visitor message or in the open forms for skill points or reputation points is forbidden. In addition to the usual disciplinary actions, staff members may remove the offending users skill points or reputation points.

    22. No Thread Derailment - Members making a post to deliberately to take the thread off topic will receive corrective action. This can also include flaming (see rule 3) or trolling (see rule 4).

    23. No Excessive Thread Making - A maximum of 5 threads per hour in each section is allowed, any more will be treated as spam and deleted with the appropriate disciplinary action taken. Staff will use their discretion if a member goes over the limit, yet is seen to be being a productive 'news' posting member.

    24. No Religious topics and no abuse of political topics - Religious topics are banned. Any member trolling, flaming or being outright disrespectful in a political topic will be infracted without warning. In addition, the amount of infraction points issued for any unacceptable behavior in these threads is higher than it is elsewhere in the forum. This is a result of members behaving poorly in these topics on previous occasions. PSU promotes intelligent discussion and the staff will clamp down very heavily on any member abusing their posting privileges in these topics.

    25. No Abusing the Report Button - Reports should be made without messages like "Mods do your job", "give this guy an infraction", "ban him already" etc. Reports should contain a sentence on why you have reported the post including what rule you believe it has broken. Additionally, posting too many reports in a short period of time where there is no discernible related rule breaking activity will see the reporter punished.

    26. No Insulting Harassing Other Members - Directly targeting other forum members for abuse or harassment is strictly forbidden, regardless of what you think of a person or their views. Rule breakers will be dealt with.

    27. The Xbox 360 Sales thread - All news articles or rumors regarding the sales figures of the Xbox 360 and its related accessories must go into one stickied thread, found in the Xbox 360 Sub-section. In previous years members from all sides of the console war have behaved inappropriately in sales threads in this section. The staff will not tolerate trolling or flaming in these threads. Its possible to discuss the numbers without taking it personally.

    28. No racist or $#@!phobic remarks - PSU is an accepting place but making openly racist of $#@!phobic comments is not acceptable. The staff would advise members to keep these views to themselves instead of posting them in the forums. These remarks do not have to be targeted at a specific member of the PSU community to be taken as an infractable offence.

    29. No double posting - There is simply no need for this, if you have new information to add to a thread or a previous post then please make use of the edit button.


    Language - As a community focusing not just on the PlayStation 3 console, but on all aspects of gaming, we would appreciate thoughtfulness from our users. Please use complete and grammatically correct sentences, and refrain from using internet abbreviations as much as possible (this includes colloquialisms such as "dat iz kool"). This is beneficial not only to have a healthy and intelligent forum community, but also to develop one's writing comprehension skills, a tool useful for later in life that is best when practiced to the point of natural ability.

    Respect Your Elders - Though they're often looked at with contempt due to their authority, Mods and Admins are here to help you, and they work very hard for the benefit of the users. Though free thinking is encouraged on the forum, do try to understand the decisions of Mods and Admins as their view of the best way to benefit everyone in the Community. Show respect and appreciation for them; they deserve it.

    PSU expect members to show good posting habits when posting a new thread. Members quoting part of an article and posting a link to its source post are expected to include a few sentences of their own thoughts on the matter. PSU also insists that all scans of gaming or other appropriate magazines must be linked to, instead of posting the images of the scans into any thread


    By signing up at this forum, you agree to abide by the above Rules and Policies, and fully understand the consequences for disobeying them. Signing up for this forum signs you into a binding legal document in which you agree to abide by these Rules and Policies for the good of the community as a whole. You also acknowledge that Rules and Policies can and frequently will be changed or added to fit the changing times, and you are expected to abide by those as well. The staff reserve the right to remove, edit or move posts at any time without giving a reason. Staff also reserve the right to produce custom infractions when a member behaves very inappropriately. You understand that a message board is not a democracy, as the majority does not determine the correct course of action (however action regarding important issue is often taken after user consultation). If all of this is correct and you have read the Rules and Policies above, welcome to the community. Have fun on the forums, but do it responsibly. Everyone will be safer and happier. Thank you.
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    Tentatively right now, the rule about bypassing the swear filter doesn't apply as we are experimenting with having the censor disabled.

    Pending the evaluation of the forum behavior, we will either retain, or remove the rule.


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