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    Fallout: New Vegas - Your Roleplay Character!

    Title says it, share your character here, with any relevant infomation.

    I plan on making 3 characters, one for the NCR (guns), one for the Legion (melee/unarmed) and my FO3 character (robot loving energy weapons specialist/scientist - will be my hardcore playthrough) my first is my current, Veteran Ranger Xenia.

    Special vet of the NCR Rangers, she undertakes various special missions that are in the interest of the NCR and that strengthen their strategic hold on the wastes. Armored in Ranger vet armor, she wields the unique hunting pistol, an anti material sniiper rifle and the RIOT shotgun. She works alone most of the time as companions only slow her down and get in her way.

    She was my 1st playthough/learn the various options of the games story branches etc etc. My scientist (who i will "import" from FO3) will be my main pride and joy in the game.

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    My current one is based on a fictional hero from MARVEL. I named him Tony Stark. He has great science, repair, medical and speech skills, all at 100 percent and trust me, the speech skill is KEY in this game, you must focus on that no matter what character you make. Anyways, he's with the NCR, The Boomers and the Ghreat Khans, but is neutral with the Legion and vilified with Powder Gang, which I plan to get enough weapons, ammo and stimpacks to attack them head-on at their correctional facility they run. I have every companion and I'm at level 28 in XP.

    The next playthrough will be on hardcore mode and it'll be a villain character with great luck, gun and speech skills. It'll be after another Marvel villain which is undecided yet. I plan to end the game with him totally eradicating each and every faction in the game. Taking over all of them, including the ones at the New Vegas Strip. First, I'd work my way into their organization, do their dirty work, then when they give me enough resources, I'll kill em all! I will be the master of the mojave and new vegas strip.

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    Funny thing is, my first character is sort of like your third, but not much on purpose...

    Aside from the fact that I'm purposely making a good bit of decisions that would put me on the "bad guy" end of the spectrum...

    This is my first time playing any Fallout game ever, so I decided to put it on Hardcore lls...

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    Will play at least twice, first high karma, sneak, science and lockpick.

    second high melee, stamina and str working for the legion.

    All playthroughs will be on hardcore mode. So much fun!

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