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    AMD/ATI merger a good thing for PC gaming?

    The AMD/ATI merger can be a good thing for both companies or a complete mess. Its too early to tell but if AMD puts ATI graphics core on-die or on-chip, we can see a significat increase in graphics of low end PC's.

    One of the main strengths consoles have over PC's is the extremly low latency and high bandwidth connection between the CPU and GPU. The reason why we can get much better graphics out of consoles when compared to PC's with similar specs. But if AMD/ATI is to introduce highly integrated CPU/GPU combos, think of the possibilities.

    I'm too lazy to see if people posted something like this before, oh well.

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    The merger is good for AMD

    Yes, it has been posted before...

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    I'm sure that has been posted before. Not announcing the merger but just speculating on how this can effect PC gaming.

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