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    Best Way To Transfer Data Between PS3's

    Hey everyone, some of you might be familiar with my last thread on here and how I got to this position I currently find myself in....

    I bought a new PS3 320GB Slim after my old PS3 40GB Fat stopped reading discs. I upgraded the hard drive on my old console to 500GB and I now want to transfer data between them. I plan to sell my faulty PS3 online and my 500GB HD once I transfer the data.

    What options have I got? I have an old external hard drive that has FAT32 partition on it that would allow me to transfer data but obviously this is going to take a few different transfers....

    I was wandering is there anyway I can link the 2 PS3's via USB (I don't have a double headed USB cable to try this but would acquire one if I knew this was going to work) and transfer data that way, straight from one to another? I've had a little look online but can only find information on how to sync 2 PS3's together for a LAN connection.

    Basically what is the easiest way for me to transfer my old data to my new machine?


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    I thought you could link the two PS3s up through ethernet and transfer it that way.


    Yeah try this:
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    The best way would be the Data transfer utility on your PS3. The menus will walk you through it with no problem. I did it after the exact same thing happened when my original 20 gig machine stopped reading discs. The good thing is that the HDD is still OK. If that is the case, the machine will have no trouble transferring everything to your new machine. BTW, any other kind of transfer likely won't transfer anything that's locked anyway, so the only way is by the Data transfer utility. I believe I used an ethernet cable BTW, but it does ask you to have both machines hooked to your TV using HDMI cables and you'll have to switch between HDMI inputs to monitor the transfer at certain points. Good luck!

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