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    Tri-Ace/Konami PSP JRPG: Frontier Gate: "turn-based Monster Hunter", 2011 (JP)

    One of the two Tri-Ace made & Konami published JRPGs revealed in Famitsu this week, this is a supposedly "huge" project for PSP which, apparently, just refuses to die in Japan, given how many games seem to be revealed for it every freakin' week.

    Anyways, the game is described as being kind of like Monster Hunter (you are a newcomer to a Guild that explores a recently discovered frontier), but with turn-based battles. As with Monster Hunter, the game has a big emphasis on multiplayer (despite having turn-based battles). It supports coop for up to 3 players and in coop each one will have control of two characters (your own character and one partner character). Battles will have some kind of combos that will build up APs, which are used for all kinds of skills. They are aiming to have a good tempo in battles.

    You can fully customize the main character down to facial details, clothing etc. The partner characters are not fully customizable in their looks, but you can still change their clothing, equipment and affect their character development (i.e. whether to make the partner character a healer or more of an attack-type). There will be separate single & multiplayer modes. The single player will offer a story. There are 15 partner characters to choose from and the partner you choose will change how the story unfolds. To experience the full story, you'll have to play through the game with each of the 15 partners (I hope this game isn't, like, 100 hours long :S ).

    Atm, the game is 80% complete and it will be released later this year. If I discover some scans, I'll post them here.

    Certainly sounds interesting. Thank god for Monster Hunter reviving PSP in Japan, loving all this JRPG attention PSP is getting. I just hope we actually GET all these millions of late PSP JRPGs (this, Grand Knight History, Ao no Kiseki, Final Promise Story, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Valkyria Chronicles III etc.) outside Japan at some point in the future and none of them end up like Last Ranker.

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    Jesus, the PSP is going out through the front door baby, bring it on!

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