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    Liberty City Police Department Clan (GTA IV:TBoGT / PS3)

    Welcome to the Liberty City Police Department.....

    We operate on the streets of Liberty City, to protect and serve in the name of the law. Unlike some clans, we take our work very seriously, and we do not tolerate immaturity, foolishness or disrespect. Our clan has been founded since March, of 2009. Our members are highly trained in their duties, and we have the most sophisticated roleplay out of all of the police roleplay clans on this game, with PS3.

    We currently patrol on Playstation 3 only.

    We are a very serious clan, and so is our roleplay. Our training is advanced, and takes time in order to get used to it.

    We don't hire kids, we hire people that can be mature and intelligent.

    You must be at least 15 years old or older to join our clan.

    In order to join us, you have to:

    1. Join our website and create a member profile.
    Make sure you use your Playstation Network ID ONLY as your display name, not anything like "John Doe" or full names.

    Make sure you provide accurate, true information.

    If you can't do that, that's why you'll get deleted. Click here register. If you already have an account with a Webs-hosted Website, you only need to sign in.

    2. Send an Application.

    3. Get trained and educated about the clan.
    Click here to look at our training.

    4. Listen to all high ranks, period.

    5. Don't MOAN OR WHINE about the clan 'cause we don't care, it's free to you, and no one's forcing you to be here.

    6. You must stay active with the clan to stay in it. Inactivity isn't tolerated.

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    Hello I'm looking to join a new police role-playing clan. Is this clan still active?

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    Ya, we recently reopened under new management, and information check out the website

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