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    The Official Xbox 360 hack/mod thread. (REVISED RULES)

    Per the rules:
    5. No hacking/Mod discussion - All information regarding hacking/modding the Playstation 3 will go into one sticked thread in the PS3 Discussion sub-forum. All information regarding hacking/modding the Playstation Portable (and any of its subsequent successors) will go into one sticked thread in the PS1, PS2 & PSP Discussion sub-forum. In these threads, no links to forums or news sites discussing how the hack/mod can be achieved will be tolerated. In addition, links to websites selling hardware pre-hacked/modded, or offering to sell equipment that can be used to hack/mod the PS3 and PSP are banned. Members are forbidden to post information or instructions that would enable another user to hack/mod their PlayStation 3. Similarly these rules will be upheld for hacking/modding the Wii, DS and the Xbox 360 for those respective systems. A stickied thread will be created in the appropriate sub-forum if members wish to discuss these matters. Linking to or naming websites that provide ISO's, ROM's or their related software is also not allowed.
    Figured I'd make this thread since an exploit has been discovered for Slim 360's. The success rate isn't all that great right now, but it's a start. It basically allows the same options as a jtag console.
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