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    Those 2 extra connections go to the blu ray drive so could be whats causing the issue, I took mine apart to check mine is already dead and well out of warrranty it YLOD a few weeks a go and have not got round to trying to get a temp fix so this has motivated me.
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    same issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Devas View Post
    Okay, bought a PS3 off of craigslist for $40.

    They told me I could use it for PSN games only, which is all I want it for and I understand I won't be able to play any game discs in it.

    It's an old 20 GB PS3, I had them power it on and show me it works before buying it. I saw the XMB come up so figured it was worth the $40 to put in the bedroom and let the kids play PSN games on it as I have purchased about 50 of the PSN games since the PS3 launch five years ago.

    So anyhow, I get it home, and set up my wireless internet to it and hook it up to my bedroom TV via an HDMI cable. All is good so far. But then it tells me It needs to update to firmware 3.73 or whatever, so I proceed to let it.

    It gets to about 80% complete on the system update install and gives me an ERROR: 8002f14e and restart to attempt the update install again. 4 tries, no luck.

    I plug in this error into google and find out that this error is probably because this PS3 doesn't have a wire or Bluray drive even inside of it.

    My question is.. Is there a way to bypass this and make this PS3 work for PSN downloaded games only? Did I just waste $40? Surely there is something I can do to make it work to play downloaded games from the store only??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    I have the PS3 slim and Ps4. I rebuilt an 80GB fatty that I have had since it's release. The piece that holds the ribbon in place broke. Anyway, I am also in an update loop, it goes to 99 percent and then I get an error report.

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    i'm reading my comments and it's like, that doesn't sound like m, i don't know $#@! about BD drives lol. i must have amnesia or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    i'm reading my comments and it's like, that doesn't sound like m, i don't know $#@! about BD drives lol. i must have amnesia or something.
    I know how that feels when you see your old comments. Its like "Did i really say this $#@!?" lol.

    To answer the topic question anyway, the PS3 can't work without the Blu-Ray Drive logic board. It may start normally, but launching applications will just give a Black Screen and updates will not complete. ^^

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