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    YLOD! Tried to fix, found other problems.

    So, my 80 gb Metal Gear Solid bundle PS3 got the YLOD a little over a week ago. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to him about 6 weeks before (he had a 60 gb). He looked all over online and had a try at fixing his. I know that a problem is with the soldering and by taking it apart and reheating certain parts can resolder and fix the problem. Sure enough, this worked for him and the thing is running as good as new. When mine crapped out, we decided to try the same procedure on mine. We got it apart, got it all cleaned up and reheated. When we got it back together, a new problem had come to bear. The system no longer turned on at all. His dad had a listen for the Power Supply, and said he didn't hear it trying to kick on and said that was most likely the problem. (his dad runs a computer place and has been fixing computers for years, some of mine as well) Is it a possibility that the YLOD was just a warning that the Power Supply was on its last legs? Is this a common thing? Is the Power Supply a cheap and easy fix? Any help that anyone can give is greatly appreciated! I'm debating on buying a new system or fixing this one, but I don't want to lose all my save data!

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    I think while you were trying to fix your PS3 you damaged the power supply.The best and easiest way is just to buy a new PS3 slim.

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    It does suck losing your saved data, but Cybertox is right. It would be better if you went on ahead and got a slim. Slim ps3s are on sale for the holiday season too, so you save money.

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    if iot's just the power supply he can go on ebay and buy one

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