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    Eve Online - 21 Day Trials

    Hello everyone, long time listener first time caller.

    Anyways, I have ten 21 day Eve Trial codes for anyone who is interested in trying EVE. Its better then the 14 day trail and 14 days really isn't enough time to get used to the game.

    There is a new update coming tomorrow that'll add, change, get people mad and so forth. Be fun to see what happens.

    These trail keys only work for new accounts, can't extend your old character.

    If you'd like one, send me a PM with a email attached so I can forward one to you. It should have my in-game character attached to the email so you can look me up in game if you need any help. But plenty of people will help you. Also don't be to afraid of the random news you hear about it, its a pretty stable game with a ton of fun.

    So send me a PM with a email if you'd like a extended trial.

    FYI: I get more each month, if your still interested I'll shoot some along next month.
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    I am trying to get enough posts to send u a pm.... sill new account feature well actually its a good one
    If you look at my profile i think it shows my email.....

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