Since there seems to be quite a few questions about this, I will post the list of levels of auto bans here.

All Usergroups Banned Users 5 Points 3 Day(s)
All Usergroups Banned Users 10 Points 7 Day(s)
All Usergroups Banned Users 15 Points 1 Month(s)
All Usergroups Banned Users 20 Points 3 Month(s)
All Usergroups Banned Users 25 Points 6 Month(s)
All Usergroups Banned Users 30 Points Permanent

Your infraction points DO NOT EXPIRE any longer. Once you get points up to these levels, you will get banned automatically. The reasoning for this was, when points expired, people would be complete scoundrels until they got up to a certain number of infraction points. Back before the autoban was in place, you had until 30 points before you got perma banned and smaller bans were doled out by mods/admin as seen fit. People would troll/insult until JUST below the 30 point mark, then wait and let the points expire. Then the cycle started again. There was no reason for them to adhere to the rules, as their slate got wiped clean every so often. The auto ban and non-expiring points makes it so a member decides their fate. You want to keep trolling or insulting members? Fine, just know that you will reap what you sow.

We reduced the point values of a lot of the infractions not too long ago, but increased a couple that are major. Most notably, the trolling infraction was modified to 10 points and was structured to encompass a "no calling out of trolls" clause.

So doing the math, three trolling infractions and you are perma banned.

The only people who can issue member bans outside of this auto ban system, are administrators. MODS cannot issue member bans, unless it is approved by admin.

Hope this clears up some questions.