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    MGS4 is one of my most favorite games of all time but I never really got into the online side of it. For those who did and who still play it, I can imagine it must be quite sad to see it coming to an end. I'll probably try to make more of an effort with the online component of MGS Rising when that comes out though.
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    I just played it for the first time ever (never bothered when I bought MGS4 back in 0. I have to say it is horribly unbalanced. You don't seem to rank up the traditional way MP's with kills. It generally favors players who are higher levels who seem to have the power to one-hit kill you. I will continue to play to see if I do rank up but it is hard to find balanced games. Also, people are definitely using lag switches.
    Headshots are generally instant kills in MGO, which I loved. You have to be smart with how you move and walk in the game. If you walk too much while shooting your accuracy goes down, but if you stand still you are dead.

    Also @ the dude above me. Metal Gear Rising is a hack n slash game now dude, there is NOT going to be an MGO for it. Peace Walker has an online vs mode. Also the newly confirmed next MGS game will most likely have an MGO attached. Hopefully that one wont get overrun with douchebags with lag switches.

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    Classic multiplayer game which really is unique. Nothing out there offers this. Shame Konami insisted on using Konami ID and the fact the whole thing was a cluster $#@! when you could only have one Konami ID tied per PS3 etc.
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