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    Question about the PS Vita camera

    I am getting a Playstation Vita next week

    in the meantime I have a question

    how is the quality of the camera on it?

    According to this review:

    the photos are not so great? can anyone who has used the camera on the Vita confirm regarding picture quality?

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    The camera has to be better than the one he recorded with, lol. Those damn silly black bars on the side really erk me.

    I would say the camera is fair (640x480 I think), can't expect much without a flash but it does record in 120fps in lower resolutions for gaming.
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    Yea the cameras are not going to be anything you take pictures with really. They are probably on par with the PlayStation eye it you have used one of those. If I'm not mistaken they are both "VGA" so they are 640x480, your basic webcam resolution/quality.

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