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    FFXIII - Adamantoise "Death Trick" issue

    I am battling my first Adamantoise at the very end of chapter 2, and I am skilled up enough to try the Death Trick I see everywhere on the web. I am running into an issue though.

    Playing as Vanille I have death and I have Hecatoncheir, these are not the problem. I have Fang leveled up enough in saboteur that she has curse obviously, but she never uses it! She goes through a bunch of other skills and then when she gets to Daze, it lands on Adamantoise...but she just keeps casting it over and over. So I am left to casting death to no avail. Am I doing something stupid? I am rather tired so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Thanks for any help, its my first time posting!

    PS I did a search for adamantoise and came up with no topics on this, also a google search didn't find anything similar.

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    First please use a different font color, that one very hard to see.

    Seconded for the death trick as I recall it is simple. Vanille is leader, summon, spam death, cross fingers, retry if fails. That is all there is to it. You can get a weapon upgrade that helps her Sab role and can deshell for extra help.

    Hope this helps.

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    Death trick isn't worth the time, anxiety, etc. I used it for a little bit, but it just isn't reliable enough. Level up elsewhere until you're able to use fang and kill an adamantoise straight up in about 2/4 minutes. Also, I may be mistaken, but can't you disable different abilities from your allies' commands? Sorry, I platinum'd the game forever ago, and I don't honestly remember that much.
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