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    Now I'm gonna check it out lol.

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    Just for the Lulz.

    Quote Originally Posted by BUYING1999
    This was a blowout victory for the SUPERIOR Xbox 360. Better everything!
    Just face it Sony Defense Force. The over priced internet ready blu ray player just can’t keep up. PERIOD! BANG!!
    Oh and I see play No. 1 from the playbook in these comments. You know the play that blames the developers. LOL
    Don’t you think if the over priced internet ready blu ray player could match the SUPERIOR Xbox 360 fidelity they wouldn’t do it? I can see the meeting now…Well let’s make us a block buster multi console game guys and gals. Let’s see..lets call it Mass of all the Effects 4.3…Then a hand goes up and a programmer says…oww can I make the over priced internet ready blu ray player version with muddier textures, shorter draw distances, reduced anti-aliasing, 10 second longer loading times, and 20 fps framerates..PLEASE???.
    Yeah. After 5 years the industry understands the over priced internet ready blu ray player Sony Defense Force. IT JUST CAN’T KEEP UP!! ROFL
    This is just too good. The Sony Defense force was out in Mass talking up the over priced internet ready blu ray player for this game!!!! LOL
    This result was spot on with what the people outside the Sony Defense Force already knew was going to happen.
    Yet ANOTHER victory for the VASTLY SUPERIOR console..Xbox 360 baby!!

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