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    James Silva ready to make a third Dishwasher game for Microsoft

    The Dishwasher creator and Ska Studios head James Silva spoke at GDC last week, and concluded his talk with the slide seen above. Fans want a third Dishwasher game, Microsoft wouldn't mind publishing one, and he wants to do one, said Silva, so why shouldn't there be a trilogy of Dishwasher titles out there?

    Don't look at us, bud -- you're the game designer. Silva is, of course, currently working on the side-scrolling, punk-flavored beat-em-up Charlie Murder for Xbox Live Indie GamesArcade. After that adventure is all wrapped up, it may be time to wash those dishes yet again.
    Loved DW1 and DW2, and looking forward to 3 as well as Charlie Murder. Some great new core games coming our way.
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    Good find... last one was actually pretty cool.

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