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    Badass Bosses: Fatman (Metal Gear Solid 2) @

    Hey guys, ready for more Badass Bosses?

    - - - -

    Chaps and Chapettes, itís time once again to pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and indulge with PSU Towers again as we shine the spotlight on another entry in our on-going Badass Bosses feature. Last time around we zipped back in time to 1997 and recalled the clash between Lara Croft and the great Dragon in Tomb Raider II. Ugly polygon models aside, it proved one hell of a ruck.

    In celebration of the recent European release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, we decided our next entry should be focused on Hideo Kojimaís venerable stealth-action franchise, namely Metal Gear Solid 2. Here, we scrutinize Raidenís battle against Dead Cell member Fat Man on the Big Shell.

    Full article here --  69798

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    Stunned silence. I think that the lack of posts says enough here.

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