Beamdog hasn't even released Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, and you're already clamoring for Icewind Dale? Slow down there, pardner! It turns out that Beamdog is just as keen on tackling Black Isle's other Dungeons & Dragons RPG, which runs on the same engine as Baldur's Gate. Beamdog head Trent Oster noted on Twitter that the subject of Icewind Dale "has come up a number of times" and the company is "interested" in pursuing the project.

That said, the possibility depends on the success of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Though the project isn't officially in the works yet, Oster told a Twitter user that Icewind Dale would likely run on Beamdog's existing codebase, and thus would support all classes and kits available in the Baldur's Gate 2 "Throne of Bhaal" expansion.

Finally, when asked if Beamdog would consider trying its hand at taking on the Ultima series, another old-school favorite, Oster said the company approached EA about the idea. "They told us no thanks."